JBC expands the range of T245 and T470 handpieces

JBC has launched T245-B Soft touch handpiece, T470-FA Comfort handpiece foamed with set screw and T470-MA Comfort handpiece foamed with set screw + 3 meter cable.

T245-B Soft Touch handpiece.

It features a new grip more comfortable and safer thanks to the soft touch and non-slip material. Its striated appearance and the short distance between the tip and the handle ensure the best accuracy in soldering for general purpose applications.

T470-FA Comfort handpiece foamed with set screw. 

It incorporates a grip of insulating material that significantly reduces the sensation of heat. It also maintains the set-screw to better secure the cartridge and prevent rotation.

T470-MA Comfort handpiece foamed with set screw + 3m cable

It includes the same features as the T470-FA and supplied with a 3 meter cable. Thus, the user can increase the distance for maneuver in the work area.

All T470 handpieces are ESD safe and work with C470 and C245 cartridges. They are tools designed for extensive soldering applications requiring high energy input.

Come Visit Us @ Advanced Engineering UK | November 7/8th

Come meet some of the team here at Kaisertech at this years Advance Engineering exhibition this November (7/8th) at the Birmingham's NEC.

Some of the many products we will have out on display will be our: Hirox 3D Digital Microscope, Purex Fume Extraction Systems, HIOS Electric ScrewdriversAmbersil electrochemicalsKerry Ultrasonic CleaningApollo Seiko Robotic Soldering, JBC Soldering Tools and many more...

Riding high on its exponential growth over the recent years since its launch, the Advanced Engineering UK group of events continues to bring together OEMs and top tier customer groups to meet and do business with their supply chains & partners across some of the UK's highest-growth advanced engineering sectors.

Whether you are attending as an exhibitor or a visitor, each component event provides you with a business opportunity forum and capability showcase within its own sector, and those of the co-locating events - exposing you to additional opportunities and markets across the UK advanced engineering industries.

Please click on the link below for info on the show:


LEV Testing – What is it? Is it the Law?

Health and safety law says you must assess the risks to your workers from hazardous substances – dusts, fumes, vapours, etc. - and decide what measures to use to protect their health.

If the measures you adopt include extraction systems (LEV) to remove the dusts, fumes, vapours etc. produced by your work processes or activities, then you must maintain the LEV in efficient working order so it continues to provide the necessary protection. You should also have a periodic thorough examination and test (at least every 14 months) and must keep this record for at least 5 years. In addition, you should have information on the installed LEV system to confirm it provides adequate protection, which should be kept for the life of the equipment.

Please contact for more information:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 (0)23 8065 0065

ESD Bags – What ESD Bag Should I Be Using?

Pink ESD Packaging

*Pink ESD Bag

Kaisertech supply a large range of ESD antistatic bags in a range of materials and thicknesses. The materials in the range include ESD black volume conductive bags, ESD black conductive tubing, ESD pink antistatic bags, ESD antistatic pink tubing, ESD metallised static shielding bags, ESD metallised moisture barrier bags and ESD bubble bags both metallised and pink antistatic.

Why Use ESD Black Volume Conductive Bags?

ESD Black volume material offers no or low initial charges and provides a path for the charge to bleed off.  ESD Black Volume Conductive Bags are ideal for the transportation of static sensitive electronic devices such as PCB boards and drive systems.  ESD Black Volume Conductive material is unaffected by humidity, is available in either 300g or 400g thicknesses, although other thicknesses can be supplied to order. Black Volume Conductive material can be supplied as:

ESD Bags ◆ ESD Sheeting ◆ ESD Tubing

ESD Black volume conductive bags are supplied with the standard ESD warning symbol and a standard range of bags are available from stock.  Surface resistivity is less than 105Ω (EN 100 015/1)

Why Use ESD Pink Anti-Static Packaging?

Kaisertech supply ESD pink anti-static packaging as open top bags and zip top bags.  Our ESD pink anti-static bags are amine and printed with the ESD logo in yellow.  Pink antistatic packaging material also called Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) material, offers a typical surface resistance of 10¹º - 10¹²Ω/m2, ideal for most electronics packaging requirements available in 400g. For other weights please contact sales office on Tel 02380 650065.

Antistatic packaging can be supplied as:

◆ ESD Antistatic Open Top Bags ◆ ESD Antistatic  Resealable Top Bags ◆ ESD Antistatic Tubing ◆ ESD Antistatic Sheeting ◆ ESD Antistatic Gusseted Covers Bags ◆ ESD Antistatic Waste Bin Liners, Refuse Bags & Waste Sacks ◆ ESD Antistatic Document Wallets

Meets Mil Spec 81705-B. Surface resistance 1010 - 1012Ω (EN 100.015/1).

Dissipative Packaging

ESD Dissipative packaging, available in the same formats as pink ant-static packaging offers no or low initial charges and prevents discharge to or from human contact with a surface resistance 106 - 109 Ω.

Why Use ESD Metallised Static Shielding Bag?

Metallised ESD static shielding bags are manufactured from metallic polyester laminated to an antistatic polythene layer. This provides true shielding for static sensitive devices by way of the ‘Faraday Cage’ principle, and includes an inner anti-static layer to prevent static charge generation. Metallised ESD static shielding bags can be offered as either open top bags or with a resealable closure and are printed with a standard ESD warning symbol. A standard range of bags are available from stock.

Why Use ESD Metallised Moisture Barrier Bag?

Regular Polythene is micro-porous.  ESD Moisture barrier bags have an additional nylon laminate sealing layer to prevent moisture ingression. This is ideal for use where sensitive electronic components are being stored for long periods of time and where air is removed from within the bag during the packing process.  ESD Metallised moisture barrier bags can be offered as either open top bags or with a resealable closure. A standard range of metallised moisture barrier bags are available from stock.