How do I clean and care for my desoldering tools?

Desoldering is a dirty business. When using our DR desoldering tool, it is recommended that you have a spare "tube", clean and set to go during the day. Simply unscrew the green end piece of the gun, remove it from the handle, take the tube off and put it on your bench and replace with the new one. This will allow you to continue working and reduce the downtime of your equipment. Put aside 5-10 minutes at the end of a shift to use the provided reaming rod to push out the baffle and the filter in the glass or stainless tubes. Take a small wire brush and gently rub the baffle with it into a trash receptacle or hazardous waste container(if using leaded solder). Replace baffle to line marked on end of tube and put in a new white filter. Please periodically check the the secondary filter on the front or back (depending on model) of the the desoldering pump for discolouration. Replace if it looks fairly dirty. It is a good idea to also use the provided drill bit like tools to ream out the desoldering nozzles that you use in order to prevent buildup and clogging. The amount of usage your desoldering tool gets will determine the frequency for all maintenance. Please see manual for additional recommendations.

Fume Extraction Systems | Choosing the right system

Choosing the right Fume Extraction System may seem a daunting task as we all know there are health implications at risk, but in actual fact knowing some key features of the Kaisertech Fume Extraction range we have made this very simple for you. Below we will explain exactly how the systems work as well as advising the application each of the systems are designed to cater for.

Analogue or Digital Fume Extraction System?

It really depends on the application the fumes are being removed from or the number of people who are affected which will determine what type system you go for. The Purex ranges of Analogue Fume Extraction Systems are budget versions of the Digital Systems but with many excellent features and in principle work in exactly the same way.

Essentially, both Fume Extraction Systems have automatic closed loop flow control which ensures that the extraction rate remains constant. It does this by slowly increasing the speed of the blower as the filter begins to block, this overcomes the resistance to airflow through the filter and keeps the extraction rate constant.

When the particle filter is nearly blocked on the Analogue System the LED will turn yellow. This feature allows the operator time to acquire a replacement particle filter before the current one becomes completely blocked. When the particle filter is completely blocked then the LED will turn red and an alarm will sound.

With the Digital System when the particle filter is nearly blocked the fume extraction systems will warn the operator with an audible chime and the keypad will flash red. This feature allows the operator time to acquire a replacement particle filter before the current one becomes completely blocked. When the particle filter is completely blocked then the fume extraction system will chime and the keypad will flash every second. At this point the particle filter icon will flash to show which filters may need attention. Plus as an added measure of the Digital Fume Extractors include Gas and Particle Sensors to offer the user an additional level of Safety.

Both Fume Extraction Systems can be interfaced with other equipment such as a laser or wave soldering machine to stop the process, set off an alarm or perform another function such as turning on a beacon. Alarm signals can include:

-Filter blocked -Gas alarm -Particle alarm

The fume extractors can also STOP/START automatically with interfaced machines. Note; None of the above are available on FumeBuster products

Purex Analogue Fume Extraction Systems include:

Purex Fume Cube (single or twin arm)

FumeCube Single Arm

These are Arm Fume Extraction Systems for either 1 or 2 users. Filters are available for solder or chemical fume. Supplied with one 38mm stainless steel arm with pen nib nozzle which can be simply attached to the workbench by using a versatile clamp bracket. If the work area moves, the Fume-Cube can be relocated in minutes.

Purex Fume Buster – Was developed for the Kaisertech KT4 Fume Extraction Tray. For more information on this product please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Purex Digital Fume Extraction Systems include:

Purex System 200

System 200 - This machine can cater for, 3 x 38mm Arms, 2 x Cleancabs, 2 x Cowls, up to 30 Tips plus Inkjet Printers (Coding & Marking)

System 400 - This machine can cater for, 6 x 38mm Arms, 4 x Cleancabs, 4 x Cowls plus Inkjet Printers (Coding & Marking)

If you have any questions about the Fume Extraction Systems we can provide here at Kaisertech please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please contact for more information:
Email:[email protected]
Phone:+44 (0)23 8065 0065