JBC’s Automated Tip Cleaner causes excitement at Productronica 2013

The new JBC product was really appreciated by visitors as being an innovative solution to clean soldering tips effortlessly.

AVAILABILITY: Mid-January 2014

. The CLM4000 Automated Tip Cleaner became one of the JBC products that attracted most attention from visitors and clients who approached the JBC's stand at Productronica 2013. 
This new system consists of  two brushes that automatically clean the soldering tips when a photoelectric sensor detects the soldering tip.

The user just needs to bring the tip gently to the cleaner window and let the system work for as long as necessary. This means less effort and greater comfort when working.
This innovative product is designed with the most appropriate materials (brass and nickel silver brushes) to ensure the least damage of the tip. 

In addition, the wide splashguard guarantees the minimum tin splashes and allows the user to work safer.

New JBC products in Productronica 2013

JBC will officially present the latest solutions in soldering and rework such as the Soldering Net which allows you to work simultaneously with up to 4 control units.

JBC is getting ready for the next Productronica, which will be held in Munich on 12-15th November 2013. Visit us at Stand A4.442 and see the following for yourself:

Soldering Net: DT Touchscreen + PS Power Supply 
Work simultaneously with different tools and peripherals which make your job easier.

Peripheral Connections 
A new connector allows you to join station ports with modules and pedals.

TFT Screen with capacitive keyboard 
Improved stations feature an intuitive menu to help manage the process control.

Automated Tip Cleaner
 Two motorised brushes start/stop working when a sensor detects the soldering tip.

Station-Robot Communication 
RJ-12 output for a RS-232 connection with a protocol for robots.

Improved Nano Top stations
New TFT screen and replaceable cleaning & extraction sets for thorough tip cleaning.

Extended hand-piece range
 Models with different features (length, colour) to help you organize your work better.

New Preheater + PCB Support
 Personalise temperature profiles and easily adjust the PCBs to optimize workflow.

NEW Hios Screwdriver with a built-in screw counter!

This new screwdriver from Hios will change the world of screw tightening!

You don't have to depend on the operator's experience or visual check anymore to know if a screw is tightened properly. The screwdriver and the screw counter are integrated into one body of the BLG-BC1, the first generation of the evolving BLG series. The screwdriver itself can judge pass or fail and that helps you achieve zero screw tightening errors.

- You can control the screw tightening count with one hand (1 to 99 screws).
- Faulty tightening can be detected (e.g., incomplete tightening, jamming, cam-out, stripped screw hole, etc.).
- A buzzer and LED warn pass/fail every time a screw is tightened.
- Optimal for space-saving operations due to the integration of the screwdriver and the counter into one body.
- It prevents human errors in operations! Supports accurate screw tightening and reduces the operator's fatigue.
- A conventional external screw counter is not required. This realizes the low-cost introduction of new screwdrivers.

For more information on this driver please contact the sales office:

Phone:+44 (0)23 8065 0065

Email: [email protected]

New Product Specialist Joins Kaisertech

Kaisertech are pleased to announce that Steve Yelland will be joining the sales team from 1st September 2013

Steve has significant engineering experience and an in-depth knowledge of industrial applications, he will be concentrating on developing and supporting the increased sales from the industrial side of the Kaisertech business at Kindustrial.co.uk. Steve will focus on the recently introduced products from Makita, CK Tools and Wiha.  He will also work on our large production projects where items such as Makita power tools and Apollo soldering cells need to be integrated into a controlled factory environment.

Director David Sibley, said: “This appointment is a further demonstration of our focus on providing specialist expertise that meets the needs of our clients, and of our increasing footprint in the improving UK and European market. We all look forward to working with Steve'

Kaisertech to become Makita Power Tools Distributor

Kaisertech are pleased to announce that from the 1st September 2013 they will become a specialist production distributor for Makita.  Kaisertech will specialise in Makita’s production range of tools designed for use in the factory environment and will also have access to their full range of over 460 power tools.

Kaisertech can now offer electric screwdrivers from the Hios range and battery screwdrivers from the Makita range offering our customers a complete solution to all their screw driving applications.

One of the most exciting products from the Makita production range is the Torque Tracer drivers. These tools use bluetooth technology to connect the driver to a receiver that can record batch count, torque value, turning angle, tool ID number and error codes.  All this information can then be sent to a PLC, PC or printer allowing full production and quality control.

If you would like a demonstration of the Torque Tracer drivers or any of the other products from the Makita or the Hios range or require any further information please contact the Kaisertech sales team.

Tel: +44 (0)23 8065 0065
Fax: +44 (0)23 8065 0060
Email: [email protected]

Kerry Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths

Kaisertech's range of Kerry ultrasonic cleaning baths provide safe, fast and effective ultrasonic cleaning in a fraction of the time required by hand cleaning. Lightly soiled items such as jewellery may take only seconds; medium soil is normally removed in two minutes or so.

Typical items for cleaning in laboratories and workshops include laboratory glassware, jewellery, clock and watch parts, optical lenses and frames, dental and surgical instruments, printed circuit boards and smaller manufactured parts.

The smaller KC ultrasonic baths, with an approximate capacity of 2 or 3 litres, are easy to use, with a single on/off switch for the ultrasonics. Operating instructions are printed on the bath’s front panel.

The larger microprocessor controlled MKC ultrasonic cleaning baths, available in capacities of 6, 14 and 22 litres (approx), allow the user to pre-set exact cleaning times (up to 99.9 mins) and temperatures (from 20 to 80°C), thus ensuring the same high level of cleanliness every time.

Prospective users of Guyson's ultrasonic cleaners are encouraged to submit sample components for free feasibility testing in the company’s extensive development workshop at Skipton, England.

Contact us if you wish to hear more about this.

JBC launches new cartridges in response to customer feedback!

JBC's cartridges offer excellent heat transfer, great durability and instantaneous heating up. Using the sleep & hibernation, the tip life lasts up to 5 times longer.

C120-012: This is the same than the C120004 cartridge but it has a larger tinned surface (5mm lenght).

C245-136: This is a special cartridge for desoldering micro stick switches (e.g. mobile reparations).

C245-748: This is the bent version of the C245-747 cartridge, which has a bisel shape. Its geometry enables you to reach easily components difficult to access.

C245-749: This cartridge is very similar to the C245-748 but it has a slight difference: the bisel tip is designed to be used by the top of the tinned area.

For any more information email: [email protected]


Binder | Skin transplants save lives

Human skin cell cultures are incubated at DIZG in BINDER incubators for clinical use.

The first clinical use of cultured autologous skin produced at DIZG (German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement) was in 1995. The culture made a significant contribution to the life-saving treatment of a severely burned patient. Today, the Biotechnology Division of the institute is still primarily engaged in making cultured autologous skin available to such patients in burn centers quickly and reliably.

CB150 incubator creates standardised conditions to incubate human skin cell cultures, the institute uses several BINDER incubators of the CB150 series. Institute employees appreciate the optimal use of space of the chambers among other things. For cultivation, one to three postage-stamp sized samples of healthy skin are taken from the patient. From the samples, the body's own epidermal cells, so-called keratinocytes, are isolated for subsequent reproduction in a special culture system under standardized conditions....

Read more: Case Study Skin Transplants Save Lives


New models of JBC cartridges, more soldering solutions.

The wide range of JBC cartridges has been extended with four new models. Three of them specially designed for soldering cables and connections.


 This is the bent version of the cartridge C245-061, which has a screwdriver shape.
Its geometry allows to reach components that the straight version can not.








C245-762 This is perfect to solder cables or cylindrical pieces up to Ø9mm.







C245-763 This is specially designed for soldering cables and connections up to Ø 2.5 mm. 
This model, similar to the current C245-760, joins to the special section of the C245 range.








It is perfect to solder cables of Ø1mm maximum.
It is also suitable to solder rows of pins of Ø1mm maximum up to a total length of 10mm (which is the width of the tip).








New Demonstration Room Now Complete

The new Kaisertech demonstration room is now complete with the New Yamaha YS12F Pick & Place machine being the main focal point. Before the room was finished the first demo Yamaha machine was sold and its replacement will arrive shortly.

Other items now in the demo room are JCB soldering and rework units, Purex fume extraction systems, Digital vision systems and microscopes and ESD protection stations.

Apart from on-going demonstrations, Kaisertech plan to hold the first seminar on the JBC range of products. This seminar will show how to use the JBC tools for rework of PBC, Tip care and JBC software.  Invitations will be going out shortly, however you can register on line your interest by using the ‘contact us’ tab on Kaisertech’s website and adding JBC seminar in the comments box.  Details of dates and times regarding the seminar will then be forwarded to you.