Increase Productivity with JBC Soldering Tools

Save time by using the quick cartridge extractor, which is available in all stands and compact stations. This system designed by JBC allows the user to change cartridges quickly and safely. Without switching the station off, you can carry out different soldering jobs.

Just three easy steps:

1)Remove the cartridge from the hand-piece. Place the tool and pull up slightly to release it.

2)Insert the cartridge to use into the hand-piece. Push slightly.

3)Select the hole depending on the tip shape. Place the cartridge to the suitable hole and push again.

JBC incorporates a USB connector on all COMPACT stations

The references have been replaced by the "C" version. Discover the new functions and features that make your job easier.

The "C" version of all soldering and desoldering COMPACT stations has incorporated a USB connector (type B) as its main feature which means you can now:

-Update station software

-Create graphs of the soldering process

- Manage and monitor parameters via PC (coming soon)

You can download and install these functions from JBC's website:

In addition, the "C" stations offer improved features that facilitate your work, as shown in the picture.

Yamaha SMT – Kaisertech’s New SMT Range For 2013

The team at Kaisertech are very pleased to announce we are now selling Yamaha Pick and Place, Stencil printers, AOI and X-Ray.

We are currently busy updating our website to show you this new exciting range from Yamaha!

In the mean time if you want to know more feel free to contact us:

Email:[email protected]

Phone:+44 (0)23 8065 0065



JBC introduces 3 new models of cartridges

The wide range of JBC cartridges has been extended with C245-759, C245-760 and C470-042. Two of them, specially designed for soldering cables and connections.

C245-759It is a more stylized screwdriver cartridge than the current C245-741 because of its thinner and longer shape. Its geometry facilitates access to components in densely populated PCBs.


This is specially designed for soldering cables and connections up to 3.5 mm in diameter. This model, similar to the current C470-033, joins to the special section of the C245 tip range.

 C470-042It is a heavy-duty cartridge specially designed for soldering cables and connections up to 4.5 mm in diameter. This version features a second bridge that allows both elements to be heated more efficiently.

New nozzle references for JT-TA and TE-TA Hot Air Tools

Both ranges feature different shapes and diameters
to regulate hot air flow.

JBC has changed nozzle references for the JT-TA heater and the TE-TA precision heater.

Nozzles increase the potential of JBC hot air tools.

They direct the heat to a particular area so that protect adjacent components.

All models are easily interchangeable.

Please contact sales office for more info
Email:[email protected]
Phone:+44 (0)23 8065 0065

New to JBC Soldering Tools 2013!

We would like to highlight the following news with the Advanced Series:


-Compact Line: The new "C" version incorporates a USB to upgrade software, generate graphs and monitor parameters from a PC.

-NAST-B: The "B" version of the Nano station has a dual integrated system consisting of a tip cleaning stand and a cartridge extractor/inserter.

-Hot Air Stations: The new "B" version features a USB connection and, in the case of TE-B and TE-QB, a new TE-TB heater and its corresponding stand have been incorporated. In addition, the extractor desk composition has been adapted to new technological demands.

-DDR and HDR: Robot versions for the current DD and HD. Using RS-232 output, the robot manages and monitors the soldering station.


-“D” version: JBC stands have been restyled. See the new adjustable cap for Sleep and Hibernation modes and the curved cable collector which allows easier use of the cartridge extractor.


-T210-PA and T245-PA Handpieces: The blue grips allow the user to visually distinguish the soldering irons for lead jobs (blue) from the unleaded ones (green).

-AL250-B Soldering Iron: The new screw allows the user to adjust for easier alignment of the cartridge.


-Included in the Advanced price list is the SL2020 temp-controlled soldering iron, the SG1070 gas soldering iron and the range of tweezers and pliers that are a perfect complement to all soldering jobs.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information.

Happy New Year for 2013!