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At Kaisertech we use the leading manufacturer of safety and occupational footwear in Northern Europe. A true level of quality, offers unsurpassed work safety, fit and wearer comfort. Continuously working with the latest technology, materials and features to develop the best footwear for work. The goal is to supply the most suitable and wearer friendly safety and occupational footwear for all working conditions; footwear which helps increase work safety, efficiency, and job satisfaction. Working footwear today must also be stylish and fit together with clothing and uniforms. Our extensive collection forms a product family, where you can find the precise footwear for all your occupations and working conditions.

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JBC Tools innovative technology that takes your work beyond the station!

JBC has developed the most innovative technology to take your work beyond the station.

The incorporation of USB connection and the introduction of control units for robot allows you to manage your work remotely from a PC.

USB Connections

The main functions of USB connector (type B):

-Update station software

-Create Graphs of the soldering process

-Manage and monitor parameters via PC (comming soon)

It is required to download and install these

functions from the JBC website:

USB Network

Via a HUB connector the user can connect as many stations as the PC supports and obtain graphics from each.


Control Units for Robots

The DDR and HDR suit perfectly to any robotic production system:

Tools go connected via a converter wich guarantees the performance of Sleep and Hibernation features

They feature a USB connector and a RS-232 output with protocol for robots and PCs communication.

These control units work simultaneously with one or two tools that are compatible to hundreds of JBC cartridges.

JBC robot 2






ESD Flooring | Specialist for electronics manufacturing

ESD floors are able to dissipate static electrical charges from workers who are working around equipment that is charge sensitive. The chances of getting charges of static electricity on the body are high just from regular activity such as walking about and touching other people or items. These charges can destroy pcb circuits with only a slight touch from the unsuspecting worker. ESD mats are able to catch the static electrical charges and drain them from workers before they set about their work. Various sizes, lengths and thicknesses are available.

Kaisertech also offer a service where one of our specialist will work with you to design the best possible layout for your ESD flooring - no job is too small or too big!

Common areas of application: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & electronics manufacturing.

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BINDER heating ovens and heating chambers

Diversity for all types of thermal: A BINDER heating oven or heating chamber is up to any tasks thanks to its wide temperature range - whether efficient drying, long-term controlled elevated temperatures or sterilization tasks for homogeneous temperature distribution.

The wide temperature range of the BINDER heating ovens and heating chambers of 5 °C above ambient temperature to 300 °C allows short heating up times and large power reserves.

Whether by gravity or mechanical convection, the high standard of quality and process stability of our heating ovens and heating chambers goes without saying.

Areas of application:

-Basic Research / Research Institutes

-Electronics / Semiconductor Industry

-Plastics Industry

-Human / Veterinary Medicine


-Fast, even tempering

-Wide temperature range

-Quality "Made in Germany"

JBC restyled stands to best suit the work position

The adjustable tool holder with screw and the curved cable collector have been designed to make your job easier.

JBC has launched new stands for all Premium soldering and rework stations with the following main features:

+ Adjustability

-The adjustable Tool Holder with the Sleep & Hibernation modes allows to place the tool according to his needs. The user just need to rotate the screw in order to suit his best work position.

+ Comfortability

-The curved cable collector allows to use the cartridge extractor more comfortably.

-The top of the cable collector has been enhanced with a non-rotating design that prevents cable discomfort when working.

-The position of cable collector can be adjusted by pulling to the wished direction thanks to the new screw system at the base.

Following these changes, the stands replaced its reference including the letter D (e.g. AD-SC support is currently AD-SD).

JBC stands manages the Sleep & Hibernation modes in order to lower tip temperature when tool is not used. As a result, tip life lasts up to 5 times longer.