New Demonstration Room Now Complete

The new Kaisertech demonstration room is now complete with the New Yamaha YS12F Pick & Place machine being the main focal point. Before the room was finished the first demo Yamaha machine was sold and its replacement will arrive shortly.

Other items now in the demo room are JCB soldering and rework units, Purex fume extraction systems, Digital vision systems and microscopes and ESD protection stations.

Apart from on-going demonstrations, Kaisertech plan to hold the first seminar on the JBC range of products. This seminar will show how to use the JBC tools for rework of PBC, Tip care and JBC software.  Invitations will be going out shortly, however you can register on line your interest by using the ‘contact us’ tab on Kaisertech’s website and adding JBC seminar in the comments box.  Details of dates and times regarding the seminar will then be forwarded to you.

JBC NANT: The succesful Nano Station, now with two Soldering Irons

Following the success of the Nano Rework station, JBC has responded to requests from its customers with the launch of the NANT Nano Soldering station.

The Highest Precision in Soldering!

The NANT Nano Soldering station incorporates the same control unit than the NAST station but it comes with two nano soldering irons instead of tweezers. It is specially indicated for high precision jobs requiring more than one nano soldering iron working simultaneously.

The nano soldering irons are the best solution for very small-sized SMD components such as 0201 chips including those that require the use of a microscope.

 JBC's Nano tools are extremely light, comfortable and stand out for their shortest tip-to-grip distance. Despite its small size, they are able to provide up to 15W of power by using C105 cartridges.


The NANT Nano Soldering station also incorporates the latest developments of the NAST, since their control unit is the same. Click Here to see the easier tool placement or the new cleaning & extraction set.

Please contact for more information:

Email:[email protected]

Phone:+44 (0)23 8065 0065

Tip Extraction Machine Can Handle 50 Manual Solderers!

Purex International Ltd - the UK based leading manufacturer of high performance fume extractors has developed the 200i-HP. With its high powered blower, this extractor can cater for up to 50 soldering irons and has other capabilities such as automatic electronic flow control, gas and particle sensors, patented filter technology and Digital graphic display.

When soldering without extraction, solder and flux fumes are likely to enter the breathing zone of the solderer, this can cause occupational asthma and irritation to the respiratory tract if inhaled.

The 200i-HP tip extraction machine extracts the fume from the source ensuring no hazardous fumes are inhaled by the worker.

This unit is precision made from stainless steel and features a high powered blower to draw contaminated fumes away from the workers breathing zone.

The fumes are then passed through a patented Labyrinth pre-filter to remove larger particles and then through a 2-stage filter system which removes harmful sub-micronic particles and gases before clean, filtered air is returned to the workplace.

Email [email protected] to find out more!