JBC launches new cartridges in response to customer feedback!

JBC's cartridges offer excellent heat transfer, great durability and instantaneous heating up. Using the sleep & hibernation, the tip life lasts up to 5 times longer.

C120-012: This is the same than the C120004 cartridge but it has a larger tinned surface (5mm lenght).

C245-136: This is a special cartridge for desoldering micro stick switches (e.g. mobile reparations).

C245-748: This is the bent version of the C245-747 cartridge, which has a bisel shape. Its geometry enables you to reach easily components difficult to access.

C245-749: This cartridge is very similar to the C245-748 but it has a slight difference: the bisel tip is designed to be used by the top of the tinned area.

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Binder | Skin transplants save lives

Human skin cell cultures are incubated at DIZG in BINDER incubators for clinical use.

The first clinical use of cultured autologous skin produced at DIZG (German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement) was in 1995. The culture made a significant contribution to the life-saving treatment of a severely burned patient. Today, the Biotechnology Division of the institute is still primarily engaged in making cultured autologous skin available to such patients in burn centers quickly and reliably.

CB150 incubator creates standardised conditions to incubate human skin cell cultures, the institute uses several BINDER incubators of the CB150 series. Institute employees appreciate the optimal use of space of the chambers among other things. For cultivation, one to three postage-stamp sized samples of healthy skin are taken from the patient. From the samples, the body's own epidermal cells, so-called keratinocytes, are isolated for subsequent reproduction in a special culture system under standardized conditions....

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New models of JBC cartridges, more soldering solutions.

The wide range of JBC cartridges has been extended with four new models. Three of them specially designed for soldering cables and connections.


 This is the bent version of the cartridge C245-061, which has a screwdriver shape.
Its geometry allows to reach components that the straight version can not.








C245-762 This is perfect to solder cables or cylindrical pieces up to Ø9mm.







C245-763 This is specially designed for soldering cables and connections up to Ø 2.5 mm. 
This model, similar to the current C245-760, joins to the special section of the C245 range.








It is perfect to solder cables of Ø1mm maximum.
It is also suitable to solder rows of pins of Ø1mm maximum up to a total length of 10mm (which is the width of the tip).