Binder MKF Environmental simulation chamber for complex alternating climate profiles

A BINDER environmental simulation chamber of the MKF series is ideally suited for any cold and heat testing based on current temperature and climate testing testing methods according to DIN and IEC standards. The ease of operation and comprehensive standard equipment for this environmental simulation chamber ensures something special in use.


- State-of-the-art reliability

- User-friendly chamber interior

- Comprehensive standard equipment

Areas of application:

- Electronics / Semiconductor Industry

- Automotive

- Plastics Industry

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Work up to 15% faster with the new JBC Nano cartridges

These High Thermal Efficiency models feature a wider diameter to guarantee greater performance.

JBC has introduced seven new models of nano soldering cartridges which feature a 0.5 mm larger diameter at the tip barrel (2,5 mm in total).

 The C105-2xx cartridges retain more heat so its performance improves up to 15%. The operator can work faster and increase productivity.

 The new tips are compatible with the C105-1xx range and are appropriate for working with Nano Soldering and Rework stations (NAST and NANT).

-C105-211 Cartridge Knife 3,5X0,7 

-C105-212 Cartridge Knife 2,5X0,3 S1

-C105-213 Cartridge Chisel 1x0,3 S1

-C105-214 Cartridge Chisel 1,8x0,5 S1

-C105-221 Cartridge Chisel 1,3x0,3

-C105-222 Cartridge Chisel 1,6x0,3

-C105-223 Cartridge Chisel 2,4x0,6


C105 cartridges are the smallest and lightest in the JBC range. They are appropriate for soldering and repairing very small-sized components with great high precision, including under a microscope.

Please contact our sales office for more information on these new JBC tips.

Email: [email protected] or Tel: 023 8065 0065