JBC Compact Line’s new look

JBC launches the compact stations with the new glass screen.

JBC has improved the glass screen of the compact stations following the design of the excellence range.

This change is registered with the letter "D" in the reference and is the result of adapting the Compact Line to JBC's new range of equipment.

Now available online:

CD-BD Soldering station
CD-SD Precision Soldering station
CP-D Micro Tweezers station
CF-D Solder Feed station
CS-D Desoldering station with Electric Pump
CV-D Desoldering station with Pneumatic Pump

JBC constantly innovates its products with the best features to improve the user experience.

New Yamaha High-end Hybrid 4D – AOI YSi-V

Yamaha Motor IM Europe announced that it has developed the new high-end hybrid automated optical inspection (AOI) system "YSi-V"

Yamaha Motor IM Europe announced that it has developed the new high-end hybrid automated optical inspection (AOI) system "YSi-V" employing newly developed high-speed, high-resolution image processing technology and exclusive image capture technology, to make a single unit capable of being equipped for the three functions of high-speed, high-resolution 2D inspection, height and tilt angle 3D inspection and diagonal angle image inspection via a 4-direction angled camera.

The new YSi-V model has been developed as a high-end model of the high-speed, high-precision, in-line type "YSi-12" AOI system equipped with optical, infrared and laser inspection functions and the same highly rigid frame as Yamaha surface mounters. To achieve higher levels of operating speed, the YSi-V features a newly developed 12 megapixel high-resolution camera, high-speed image processing technology, a new 3D inspection function that checks component height and tilt angle simultaneously, and a 4-direction angled camera*1 employing exclusive image capture technology, giving the YSi-V more than twice*2 the inspection capacity/performance of the YSi-12. At the same time, other new features such as a full-HD LCD touch panel, "programming navigation" and new character recognition algorithms improve operability.

*1 Includes some options. *2 YSi-12: approx. 5 megapixels; YSi-V: approx. 12 megapixels

For more information please contact our sales team on either: [email protected] or [email protected]

Clean the tip in 1 second only with the Senior Tip Cleaner!

The new JBC's CLMB-A allows to save time and increase production effortlessly.

The CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner means less effort and greater workflow in less time. It saves up to 5 seconds on each cleaning which means 80 hours for any common operator.

Very easy to use!
It consists of  two brushes that automatically clean the soldering tip as soon as it is detected by a photoelectric sensor. This innovative tip cleaner works with two brushes that ensure the least damage to the tip.

Work more safely!
It features a wide splashguard which guarantees there is practically no tin splashes and the operator can work more safely.

 The CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner became one of the products that attracted the most attention from visitors and clients who approached JBC's stand at Productronica 2013.

Available now !

For more info email [email protected] or [email protected]

Save time and increase production with the new JBC IR Preheater System!

Personalise temperature profiles and easily adjust the PCBs to optimize workflow.

The PHSK-B is a complete system for preheating multilayer PCBs by applying infrared.

It is ideal for repetitive jobs since the system is able to run a specific temperature profile without having to connect a thermocouple.

Select the operating mode from the console: power or temperature. JBC provides you with 3 predefined temperature profiles and 10 more which you can personalize.

The Heater Unit can work with 1 or 2 heating zones and the PCB Support has 3 adjustable heights to suit any PCB and any job.

Why preheating?

- Infared is the most advanced, efficient and cost-effective method.

- It allows faster soldering by using lower tip tempeartures.

- Preheating means you increase the tip life and reduce the risk of thermal stress.

Now available - Email: [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

Mantis Stereo Magnifier, ideal for electronics PCB inspection and rework!

In the intricate task of PCB manufacturing, reliable inspection and measurement of different connections, vias and clearances is paramount during and after production. Microscopes are utilized in PCB inspections to enable users to improve quality and increase output.

The Mantis inspection microscope is used in FAI (First Article Inspection), which is a requirement to ensure that the first product produced is 100% correct. In our industry, we need to ensure that the first off from the SMT assembly line is perfect before running the rest of the batch.

Mantis is a stereo microscope ideal for electronics PCB inspection and rework. The patented optical viewing head of Mantis provides unrivalled 3D images, plus significant ergonomic advantages, where fatigue and eye strain associated with working under magnification are eliminated.

Extra-long working distances are a considerable advantage where engineers can solder under magnification with the advantage of plenty of room between the lens of the microscope, the PCB and soldering iron. With superior optics, pads and joints can be easily soldered with optimum clarity and contrast.