Save time and space with JBC’s new Junior Tip Cleaner

Clean the tip in a fraction of a second:
The CLMS-A Junior Tip Cleaner improves thermal transfer of the soldering tip in 1 second. In a very short time you get optimal and uniform cleaning which means optimizing production.

Easy to use:
The CLMS-A can be fitted into any work area thanks to its reduced size and it is very easy to use. The operator just needs to press the button of the opening with the tool and two motorized brushes will clean the tip automatically.

Avoid solder splashing:
The splashguard helps keep your work area clean and free of Foreign Object Debris (FOD Control). There is practically no solder splashes and the operator can work more safely.

Quick maintenance:
The solder collector tray can be emptied and re-used with no wear and tear.

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