ECD Thermocouple Attachment – Methods for Attaching Thermocouples to Assembly Boards

ECD produce a range of advanced thermal profiling systems and software for detecting and analysing process temperatures across a number of applications, particularly in the electronics and solar industries. ECD are renowned for the rich data produced by their software and the robustness of their hardware. ECD’s strong reputation has allowed the brand to establish themselves as the thermal profiling choice for engineering professionals across the globe.

ECD Thermocouples are established when two dissimilar metals are joined together using a welded bead. In order for a thermocouple to provide a temperature reading, the welded bead must come into direct contact with the object the user is looking obtain a temperature measurement from. To achieve an accurate thermal profile, it’s vital that the user attaches the thermocouple to the component or solder joint correctly. Obtaining an accurate reading from the outset provides the data needed for ensuring a good result.

Indeed, there are several methods for attaching thermocouples, each appropriate for particular scenarios. The most accurate thermal connections are attained when using materials with similar thermal conductivity to the material being thermally profiled by a user. For instance, if a solder joint is being profiled then a solder connection would be most appropriate, while plastic components should be profiled using a plastic connection.

ECD Thermocouple Attachment Methods

This blog will outline the most effective methods of attaching thermal attachments to assembly boards and how you can choose the best components to provide the most accurate measurements for thermal profiling.


Attach ECD thermocouples using solder

Buy solder direct from Kaisertech

Solder provides the most precise attachment method for measuring the thermal profile of solder joints, and has the added advantage of easy application and removal with minimal damage to PCBs.


Epoxy provides a durable solution for attaching thermocouples to assembly boards

Epoxy offers an effective method for obtaining a thermal profile of plastic components and PCB substrates. Epoxy is durable and therefore suitable for long-term use, though it can often be time-consuming to cure and problematic to remove without causing damage to components or the thermocouple.

Kapton and aluminium tapes

ECD thermocouples can be attached using kapton tape

Kapton and Aluminum tapes can be applied and removed easily to reduce the likelihood of damage to components. Aluminum tapes featuring a silicone adhesive are likely to provide the most accurate readings as it will conduct heat through to the thermocouple. While kapton tape may be a good insulator, it should only be used to strain relief the thermocouple wire as it approaches the sense point.

ECD Temprobe

ECD Temprobe

ECD Temprobe - coming soon to Kaisertech

ECD Temprobe is a patented temperature sensing device, which can be attached and removed easily with no soldering required. The ECD Temprobe therefore safeguards against any potential damage to components and provides a long-term thermocouple solution.

If you’re still unsure about which ECD thermocouple solution is most appropriate for your needs, speak to the team at Kaisertech on +44 (0)23 8065 0065 to discuss your requirements.

BINDER Simulation Test Chambers: Applications and Functionality Explained

Laboratories looking to test the impacts of specific environmental conditions on different materials, electronic devices and components, would be well-advised to invest in a BINDER simulation test chamber oven or incubator.

There is a BINDER test chamber suitable for every application. Indeed, BINDER ovens are currently used in a range of industrial sectors, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and beverage
  • Medical and pharmaceutical

With a highly diverse product portfolio - consisting of co2 incubators, constant climate chambers, cooling incubators, drying and heating chambers, growth chambers, safety drying chambers, ultralow temperature freezers, vacuum drying chambers - understanding which Binder test chamber is best suited to the needs of your business may not be easy. This blog will explain the difference between each range of Binder’s product line to better help you select the simulation chamber according to its intended application.

CO2 incubators (series C and CB)

Binder CO2 incubators

These BINDER incubators provide the ideal conditions for cell and tissue growth in a condensation-free environment to minimise the risk of contamination. Both series ensure hot air sterilisation, though the CD series is also equipped with a heat sterilisable CO2 sensor.

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Avantgarde.Line incubators (series BD and BF)

Buy Binder incubators from Kaisertech

BD and BF series incubators provide the ideal solution for stable incubation for microbiological cultures. BINDER’s Avantgarde.Line incubators guarantee accurate and reliable results. Equipped with the latest technology to permit rapid temperature equalisation after each time the door is opened. The BD series operates with natural convection, while the BF series functions using forced convection.

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Classic.Line incubators (series B, BD and BF)

Binder incubators

These incubators are ideal for stable incubation. The B series operates with mechanical adjustment, while BD and BF incubators function with natural convection and forced convection respectively.

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Cooling incubators (series KT and KB)

Binder cooling incubators

This range of versatile cooling incubators are more gentle on samples, and are perfect for laboratory work with microorganisms. They deliver exceptional performance at a low level of energy consumption. KB incubators feature the very latest in compressor technology, while KT incubators function using thermoelectric cooling.

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Growth chamber (series KBW and KBWF)

Binder growth chambers

BINDER growth chambers ensure constant light, temperature and humidity to permit plant/organism growth. The KBWF series is equipped with additional functionality to control for humidity inside the test chamber.

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Ultralow temperature freezers (series UF V)

Binder ultralow temperature freezers

With BINDER ultralow temperature freezers provide users with long-term storage options for sensitive samples, at temperatures as low as -86°C.

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Drying and heating chambers (series ED, FD and FED)

Binder drying and heating chambers

The ED, FD and FED series are ideal for drying, heating and sterilising samples - ensuring perfect results every time. The Avantgarde.Line offers a temperature range up to 300°C. The ED series features natural convection, FC and FED chambers use forced convection. Enhancer timer functions are also available with FED series chambers.

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Drying and heating chambers (series E, ED, FD, FED, FP and M)

Binder drying and heating test chambers

All BINDER drying and heating chambers combine exceptional performance with energy efficiency, resulting in reduced long-term operating costs. These test chambers offer a wide temperature range ranging from 5 °C to 300 °C. These versatile drying ovens are suitable for a wide range of applications. The FP and M series allows users to test materials with forced convection and individual programming.

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Safety drying chambers (series FDL)

Binder safety drying ovens

Binder FDL chambers ensure symmetric airflow to provide the perfect environment for drying paints and coating materials that contain solvents.

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Vacuum drying chambers (series VD and VDL)

Binder vacuum drying ovens available to buy from Kaisertech

The VD and VDL drying chambers dry samples gently to avoid oxidation or scaling. Both flammable and inflammable samples can be quickly dried using these vacuum drying chambers.

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Constant climate chambers (series KBF, KBF P, KBF LQC and KMF)

Binder constant climate test chambers

Constant climate chambers are able to test material behaviours under constant preset humidity levels and temperatures.

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Dynamic climate chambers (series MK, MKF, MKT and MKFT)

Dynamic climate chambers from Binder

These dynamic climate chambers allow users to test the impacts of more complex, changing climate and temperature profiles within the range of -40°C (MK/MKF) or -70°C (MKT/MKFT) up to 180 °C (all models). The MKF and MKFT series also enable users to regulate humidity levels within the range of 10% to 98% RH.

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BINDER environmental simulation chambers feature the latest technology to guarantee accurate, replicable results

All BINDER test chamber ovens have been designed to meet strict laboratory requirements, and are equipped with the latest cutting edge technology, designed to meet the very highest demands in scientific and industrial industries. With every constant climate, incubator and drying/heating chamber, users can be assured of accurate simulations of specific chemical, biological or environmental conditions. Binder are international market leaders that pride themselves on routinely delivering ‘made in Germany’ quality test chambers that are able to support a wide range of applications and processes.

BINDER’s expertise and innovation, coupled with extensive research and productive development, ensure that every simulation chamber provides real added value to all laboratories. The 22,000 Binder environmental chambers sold annually to laboratories around the globe further illustrates the benefit each test chamber oven brings to each research facility.

It really is no surprise why so many respected companies and research facilities depend on BINDER environmental simulation chambers.

View our entire BINDER range

With such a wide range of BINDER climatic chambers and incubators available, Kaisertech are well-placed to suggest which model would be best suited to the needs of your business. Give us a call on +44 (0)23 8065 0065 to discuss your requirements, pricing and arranging an on-site demonstration.

Fume Extraction Systems: Removing Dust, Smoke and Fumes from the Production Area

It is strongly advisable that the presence of smoke and fumes in the production area is dealt with safely using a fume extraction or fume filtering system. This safeguards workers against the potentially damaging effects of inhaling smoke and fumes. Indeed, there are a number of possible health complications that may result from exposure to hazardous smoke and fumes, including asthma and respiratory conditions.

Furthermore, fume extraction systems improve efficiency in the production process and help keep equipment clean.

Health and safety legislation means that employers are legally responsible for reducing any potential risks to the health, safety and welfare of their employees in the workplace. A lack of compliance with health and safety regulations could result in expensive legal action being taken against an employer, the issuing of fines and poor morale among workers.

Kaisertech offers a broad range of dust and fume extraction solutions including:

Kaisertech’s range includes products from two market leaders in the fume extraction industry: PUREX and AirBench.

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Purex fume extraction systems

Purex manufacture high quality industrial fume extraction systems that incorporate the very latest technology allowing for efficient and safe removal of potentially hazardous fumes - perfect for solder fume extraction.

Regarded a world expert in the industry, Purex are renowned for the quality and reliability of their fume extraction systems, owing to their continual efforts to improve upon their already cutting edge technology. All Purex products are made with the following objectives in mind: improving product quality, lowering production costs, protecting the health of workers and minimising environmental impacts.

Purex offer a range of industrial fume extraction solutions

Purex industrial fume extraction system

Purex produce a range of fume extraction cabinets, which have been coated internally to ensure corrosion resistance. Typically, analogue fume extraction systems represent a low-cost solution - analogue models include the Purex Fume Buster. While digital fume extraction systems, such as the Purex System 200, provide users with greater control and performance - featuring a graphic display.

Analogue fume extraction systems feature a LED light on the front panel. When the filter is getting close to being blocked the LED will turn yellow, allowing the user time to acquire and fit a replacement filter before the current filter becomes fully blocked. Should the filter become fully blocked the LED will turn red and an alarm will sound.

Purex fume extraction filters have many unique features compared to rival products:

  • These filters offer maximum airflow as a result of high pressure blowers that overcome resistance to airflow for much longer after filters start becoming blocked. This means the filters tend to last much longer.
  • Independent tests have revealed that these filters remove 99.997% of all fume particles greater than 0.3 microns.
  • Purex filters are unburstable as a result of reinforcing.
  • Extended life span - these filters have been designed to provide a greater filter surface area than those used in many other competitors, meaning that they require changing less frequently.
  • Flow plates improve the distribution of airflow, which improves the robustness of these filters.
  • Durable construction ensures that no fumes are able to pass through the filter and escape back into the working environment.

AirBench downdraught benches for dust and fume extraction

AirBench manufactures environmentally friendly workbenches with integrated downdraught dust and fume extraction technology, which provides an ideal solution for eradicating harmful dust and fumes that pose a risk to workers' health and wellbeing. Alternative solutions often circulate fumes upwards close to a worker's face and may therefore fail to adequately tackle the potential risks of exposure to harmful dust and fumes.

AirBench are the UK’s leading manufacturer of downdraught dust and fume extraction benches, with 10,000 AirBench workbenches currently in use across the globe. AirBench workbenches need little intervention from users, helping to increase productivity levels while the benches quietly and efficiently remove the dust or fumes that result from production.

AirBench range

Downdraught fume extraction

The AirBench EX is a standard duty downdraught bench suitable for both fume and dust extraction. The AirBench FN, FP and FPK are the heavy duty alternatives - FPK provides the operator with kneespace for seated production.

The AirBench RP is designed for high-volume dust extraction, equipped with an integral filter cleaning mechanism.

The AirBench FPW offers the best solution for welding and grinding fume extraction.

If you’re unsure which fume extraction system would be best suited to the needs of your business, Kaisertech are happy to offer advice to help you create a safe working environment. Give us a call on +44 (0)23 8065 0065 to discuss your requirements, pricing and arranging an on-site demonstration.

JBC’s NEW RWA-A Rework Adjustable Arm for Hot Air Stations

In an effort to make the rework process easier JBC has developed a hands-free solution for its hot air equipment.

JBC’s Hot Air stations (JT and TE) can integrate an articulated arm for easy use, also ideal for working with Preheaters, especially the PHB-KA.

Adjusting to your needs

The RWA-A allows adjustment for different heights and positions depending on your needs and covers the whole working area.

The rework arm tool holder has a lever mechanism that allows a vertical tool movement to make access to the work area easy without moving the position of the arm.

The new RWA-A features a swivel clamp that holds the heater hose safely away from the PCB, freeing up the workspace. It also features an ESD connector rivet.

Guarantee stability by tightening the knobs to fix the position of the arm.

Find out more here: JBC RWA-A

Vision Engineering Autumn Promotion Offer

FREE upgrades with Mantis Elite / Mantis Elite-Cam HD

Enhance your inspection capabilities and get a whole lot more FREE when ordering our award-winning Mantis Elite, or Mantis Elite-Cam HD eyepiece-less stereo microscopes. Choose one of two great offers below.

Promotion ends Friday 18th December 2015. Terms and conditions apply.


FREE upgrade to Mantis Elite-Cam HD

Free upgrade to Mantis Elite-Cam HD

Order a Mantis Elite stereo microscope and receive a FREE upgrade to Mantis Elite-Cam HD*.

Mantis Elite-Cam HD combines image capture capabilities with the outstanding optical performance of Mantis Elite, providing a complete inspection solution for any precision magnification task.

The built-in HD camera provides greater power and flexibility and includes easy-to-use imaging and documentation software.

  • EXTRA capability with FREE UPGRADE to Mantis Elite-Cam HD
  • Stunning 3D (stereo) optical imaging with the flexibility and convenience of digital image capture.
  • Includes multi-lingual PC software:
    • Quickly add annotation / mark-up to captured images
    • Video recording, ideal for training purposes

* When purchasing a Mantis Elite system, receive a Mantis Elite-Cam HD optical head (MHD001) in place of a Mantis Elite optical head (MEH-001). Requires compatible PC and HD monitor. Can be supplied by Vision Engineering. Terms & conditions apply.


FREE CamZ handheld digital magnifier

Freee CamZ with orders of Mantis Elite

Order a Mantis Elite, or Mantis Elite-Cam HD stereo microscope and receive a FREE CamZ handheld digital magnifier*.

Inspect where want, when you want with CamZ, providing ‘in your pocket’ inspection capabilities at NO EXTRA COST.

Designed for production environments, CamZ allows you to inspect and capture images in any location, with ultimate convenience.

  • FREE ‘in your pocket’ inspection with CamZ digital magnifier
  • 4 – 14x magnification range
  • Controllable LED Illumination optimised for magnified imaging
  • LED illumination optimised for magnified imaging


* When purchasing a Mantis Elite, or Mantis Elite-Cam HD system, receive a FREE CamZ digital magnifier (CAMZ-001). Includes hard plastic foam filled case, safety carry strap, lens cleaning cloth, USB cable and charger. Terms & conditions apply.


Terms and conditions

  1. Orders must be placed by Friday 18th December 2015.
  2. Each offer is standalone and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  3. Geographic limitations may apply. Offers are subject to availability and only in participating regions. To find out if you regional Vision Engineering office is participating in the offer, please contact the office directly.
  4. Please mention the offer in all correspondences and when placing an order.
  5. Vision Engineering reserves the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions and any other conditions applicable to an offer or promotion at any time.

Why you should preheat PCBs

PCB Preheaters offer top quality soldering with minimum thermal stress. By working at lower temperatures and in less time, you reduce the risk of thermal stress on PCBs and components, thereby improving your results.

The PHB-KA Convection Preheater Set is the most complete solution to preheating large PCBs and is essential for soldering and rework on multilayered boards. The support has three adjustable heights and fits all sizes and shapes of PCBs.


The JBC PHB-A preheater has two independent convection heating zones by convection. The tool distributes the heat uniformly and gradually which reduces the risk of thermal stress.

Moreover, the process can be easily monitored with the thermocouple (type K). The control thermocouple follows a temperature profile precisely and with the auxiliary thermocouple the PCB’s surrounding components are protected.

JBC offers three preset temperature profiles and 20 more user defined profiles for your needs.


With the same features as the PHB-A model, the PHS-KB Infrared Preheater Set is the complete answer for preheating small PCBs.

The low thermal inertia of the infrared lamps with high heating capacity provides a fast response applying to the selected profile. The PHS-B IR Preheater is designed to give maximum uniform heating to guarantee the best results.

Introducing the Vision Engineering EVO Cam HD Digital Microscope

A High Performance Digital Microscope that Delivers Stunning HD Magnification

Kaisertech has recently added the Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope to its already extensive range of vision inspection systems.

This full HD digital microscope routinely delivers inspection and magnification in striking detail. Yet despite its high level of performance, it remains an ideal solution for users of varying abilities and experience.


  • The EVO Cam captures full-HD (1080p / 60fps) images and video, without the use of a computer.
  • Powerful 300x magnification.
  • 30:1 optical zoom.
  • Full auto focus to guarantee ultra-sharp imaging..

Stand options

The modular design of the Vision Engineering EVO Cam allows the user to choose from a variety of different stand options, illumination and accessories.

A digital microscope that delivers unrivalled clarity

With a vast array of objective lens options, the range of magnification options offered by this digital microscope ensures high-quality image and video capture producing unrivalled levels of detail and clarity. The images below demonstrate the sharpness of the EVO cam's magnification.

High defintion image capture using the Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope

This image still was captured at x14.8 magnification using the Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope

The Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope consistently delivers sharp imaging

Even at x151.1 magnification, there is no compromise in the clarity of capture, consistently delivering ultra-sharp imaging.

About Vision Engineering

Vision Engineering Ltd is a leading manufacturer of quality, ergonomic digital microscopes, stereo microscopes and measuring systems designed to routinely deliver a high level of performance and comfort to ensure productivity - winning prestigious awards for their innovative, patented optical designs. Vision Engineering's products are used by engineers and scientists around the world, and their versatility ensures applicability in a range of different industrial, materials and life science markets and industries.

Solutions for your business

Unsure which solution is best suited for your business? Before you commit to any decision, try before you buy with Kaisertech! We're able to arrange demonstrations either at your own facility using your own samples, or on a visit to Kaisertech's demonstration facilities. Click here to buy now or book your demonstration.

Read our case study on Kaisertech's recent HD vision inspection system installation at Queen Mary University London.

View our range of microscopes and vision inspection systems here.

Soldering & Repairing Even More Precise!

JBC has updated its Nano stations with improved features to make the soldering and repairing of very small-sized components even more precise.

The new NASE-B station now works with the NP105 Steady Nano Tweezers which enable a vertical alignment of the cartridges.

JBC NP105-B Steady Nano Tweezers

JBC NP105-B Steady Nano Tweezers

The smallest JBC tweezers for repairing chips like 01005 offer precise movement giving maximum control even when using a microscope.

JBC New mechanical keyboard

JBC New mechanical keyboard

NANE-B and NASE-B Nano stations feature all the Excellence range benefits, an easy-to-use menu which helps you monitor the work in real time and a new mechanical keyboard.

The NEW JBC CD-2BE & CD-2SE Soldering Station

JBC launches the "E" version of CD-B and CD-S soldering stations that feature a new antisplash rubber to prevent splashing of solder particles and maintain the work area clean.

Avoid solder splashing
The new antisplash rubber helps to keep your work area clean and free of solder particles. There is little to no solder splashing which is improving safety to operators and others around.


NEW antisplash rubber guard


Modify parameters to suit your needs

JBC stations have also been designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements. You don't need to adapt to your station! Thanks to the extensive menu with over 20 parameters you can make it adapt to your needs!

Both the CD-BE and CD-SE stations are now available on our web store and ready for onsite demonstrations. Click here to buy now or book your demonstration.

Soldering Stations Explained

Soldering Stations vs. Soldering Irons

Soldering stations are low-voltage controllable soldering irons. Soldering stations offer the end user total control over the soldering process with digital displays showing the soldering tip temperature, offering the ability to adjust the temperature up or down very accurately. Soldering stations also offer many more features depending on the soldering station purchased.

Standard soldering irons are fixed temperature only with the temperature control determined by the soldering tip and mains voltage.

In essence a soldering iron is a hand tool used in soldering. A soldering iron will supply heat to melt solder (there are many different variants of solder) so that it can flow into the joint between two workpieces.

Soldering irons are typically comprised of a cartridge - a heated metal tip - together with an insulated handle. Heating is commonly acquired by passing an electric current, which is sourced from an electric control unit through a resistive heating element.

Soldering irons are most often used for in the electronics industry for, small to medium size production, R&D, repairs, and intricate rework. High-volume production lines might start to use other soldering methods, such as robotic soldering.


At Kaisertech we supply the complete range of JBC soldering equipment. We feel JBC are at the forefront for all hand soldering, rework and hot air application in the world, providing better performance than some of the classic names out there such at Metcal, Weller and Ersa.

The JBC CD-2BD soldering station

The JBC CD-2BD Soldering Station offers a fantastic entry-level option at just £300 (Exc. VAT) at Kaisertech!

To give you a quick insight into JBC soldering irons their are 4 main ranges:

  1. Compact Line: a self-contained station incorporating JBC's advance technology in a small footprint.
  2. Modular Line: this range allows users to integrate stackable modules for a truly personalised soldering set-up by selecting control units depending on the number of tools you require. Each control unit is compatible with all JBC tools and utilise JBC's exclusive heating system that improves work efficiency as a result of its quick temperature recovery time.
  3. Excellence rangeoffers the electronics industry probably the best range of soldering stations in the world. They all feature the super-fast JBC exclusive heating system, intelligent sleep and hibernation features. You can also personalize over 20 parameters to help manage the soldering process. Typical examples of JBC excellence soldering stations are the entry-level JBC CD-2BD Single digital soldering station with T245 handpiece. This unit is ideal for all soldering applications and has a wide range of soldering cartridges and the ability to use the smaller T210 handpiece.
  4. Premium Line: premium stations are complete modular kit set ups recommended by JBC and are able to satisfy all your soldering or desoldering needs.The range includes different models, such as Nano stations which are suitable for micro-soldering for really small SMT rework including reworking mobile phone boards, and heavy duty soldering stations if you require more power. The JBC HDE-2A heavy duty soldering station, is ideal when heating is important and larger tips are required.

For a basic working soldering system, you will need the following:

JBC control units/modules allow you to achieve a completely personalized soldering set-upJBC stands allow you to quickly change your soldering station's cartridge, allowing you to switch effortlessly between soldering jobsA simple soldering station set up require at least one cartridgeKaisertech stock a wide range of JBC soldering handpieces - an essential requirement for your soldering station

Who uses JBC soldering equipment?

JBC soldering irons are being used by universities, government contractors, high reliability OEMs and CMs and many other manufacturers who take the time to evaluate everything about their soldering process, from the cost of ownership to safety, to ergonomics to the thermal performance on every joint.

Also a lot of customers we find are individual home/small office users, the JBC equipment is great as you can keep adding on as your demands change which have proved a key selling area for many customers and not forgetting the over all quality you get with all JBC equipment.

10 Reasons to choose JBC soldering stations

  1. Soldering at lower temperatures
  2. Fast temp recovery
  3. Tip life 5x longer than competitors
  4. Increase productivity
  5. 400 cartridges
  6. PC & network Intergration
  7. Easy to use & maintain
  8. Wide variety of accessories
  9. Nano Soldering systems
  10. 6 different tool available from the common iron the tweezers

Choosing JBC soldering stations means:

  • You can find the right soldering station for your application from a wide range that also includes complete rework stations, hot air stations and hot plates.
  • They all use common software to adjust and control the soldering process
  • All JBC soldering stations come with a two year warranty as standard.
  • Companies around the world use JCB from the likes of mobile phone, military, medical and industrial manufactures. They are also widely used in the repair industry and many hobbyists are now starting to use JBC soldering stations as realise they need the control you get with a soldering station over the standard soldering iron.