ESD Electric Screwdrivers

Today's electronic devices are smaller and more sensitive to electric shock than ever before. When you consider this factor along with precision torque requirements, Hios and our own range of ESD-safe electric screwdrivers rise head and shoulders above the competition.

The ESD models features a carbon-filled composite housing and trigger, as well as a cord coated with an anti-electrostatic resin, which greatly reduces static build-up.

Hios electric screwdrivers are designed and made by the Japanese, one of the world’s foremost tool-making countries.

Featuring extremely practical controls, all of Kaisertech’s electric screwdrivers are easy, quick and comfortable to use. They are particularly suitable for specific assembly work with very small screws and nuts and are therefore used in the following sectors: electronic and electromechanical components, box build, car assembly, toys, plastic objects and eyewear, etc.

Innovative brushless motors are particularly efficacy; thanks to the absence of maintenance and of the coal dust in the working environment (characteristics of the standard motors with brushes), they guarantee:

  • Greater reliability in time
  • Absence of pollution in the working environment
  • Greater productivity for a considerable increase of the performances.



With Hios electric screwdrivers there is a long lifetime on the components thanks to careful design and to quality of the production process which results in less maintenance and repair costs.

The absence of maintenance of the brushless motor of the Hios BL models (replacement of brushes/rotor) guarantees long lifetime equal to four times of a standard motor with brushes

For BL models the absence of the coal and copper dust doesn’t damage the internal components of the screwdrivers and reduces the maintenance and repair costs

The components of the tool’s starting system avoid every electrical contact and always guarantees always reliable starts

The controller (built into the driver unit), automatically cuts off the electrical supply to the screwdriver upon reaching the torque that has been set on the tool.

Hios ESD electric screwdrivers have a control system with an automatic motor shut off that, interacting with the controller, cuts off the power supply to the tool upon reaching the established tightening value

They ensure high repeatability of the tightening torque and great accuracy, even with very low torques

The sturdiness and long life of the internal parts ensure constant, lasting performance as well as extremely reduced maintenance costs

Where very small screws have to be used the micro screwdrivers CL3000 and BL3000 ESD are recommended since they guarantee high repeatability of torque starting from 0.02 Nm

The Hios BL models in the ESD version (Electro Static Discharge) protect against any electrostatic discharge the assemblies of electronic components CL models in the ESD version are available upon request.

Hios CL4000 Lever Start Electronic Screwdriver

The Hios CL-4000 Electronic (Lever Start) Screwdriver is available for just £276.50 (Exc. VAT) at Kaisertech


Considerable increase of the efficiency of the tightening cycle thanks to innovative systems.

The internal parts ensure a high motor speed of rotation with consequent reduction in the tightening time-cycle

The extreme simplicity in adjusting the tightening torque control system permits to reduce the tool’s starting time.

The tightening torque control system reduces need for quality control at the end of assembly work, resulting in a considerable increase in the tightening cycle output.

The driver power supply unit supplies the correct voltage to the screwdriver and offers a choice between two tool speeds of rotation: the speed given by the screwdriver and a speed that is approx. 30% lower.

The absence of maintenance operations guarantees high productive continuity.

Hios BL models in the version OPC permit also the monitoring of the tightening cycle avoiding the manual check of the assembled products.

For Hios CL and α models the adjustment of the torque control device is easy and practical through rotation of the external ring nut.

Hios models CL and α may be combined with a vaccum pick up system and the selection tray to make assembly operations quicker and more practical (available on request)



Optimisation of the tool performances in regard to ergonomics and operator safety

For maximum operator’s comfort and safeguard of the hand-arm system, all models (except mod. CL, α and BL2000...) are supplied with a device to convert the starting mechanism from lever-start to push-to-start (and vice versa) depending on type of application.

These solutions ensure maximum safety of use due to low voltage operation (24 Volt) and perfect thermal insulation.

Extremely small and lightweight for utmost operator comfort All the models are fitted with a handy, practical reversibility device.

In line with ergonomic requirements, they ensure very low noise level, minimum vibrations and maximum safety (low supply voltage).

They offer total electromagnetic compatibility in the work environment and outstandingly lightweight from only 210 g.

All models are fitted with a tool suspension device to lessen operator effort.

For ergonomic tightening operations on vertical surfaces that do not place a load on the hand-arm system, auxiliary grips for transforming the straight grip into a pistol grip tool are available on request



Innovative systems designed paying even more attention with respect to environment and of its safeguard

More healthy and breathable working environments thanks to absence of coal and copper dust (motor without brushes).Greater output of the motors guarantees less electric energy consumption.

Our range of ESD electric screwdrivers are made with recyclable materials; all the parts may therefore be easily disposed of and do not represent a hazard for environmental pollution or personal safety

The electrical solutions safeguard the workplace since there is absolutely no oil fog in the air, which is sometimes present when using air tools.

Models in the ESD version (Electro Static Discharge), are designed for assembling electronic components in order to protect against any electrostatic discharge. For other models, this option is possible only upon request.

The Hios DC electronic screwdriver range starts at £128.80 (Exc. VAT) - you can view the range here.