Soldering Stations Explained

Soldering Stations vs. Soldering Irons

Soldering stations are low-voltage controllable soldering irons. Soldering stations offer the end user total control over the soldering process with digital displays showing the soldering tip temperature, offering the ability to adjust the temperature up or down very accurately. Soldering stations also offer many more features depending on the soldering station purchased.

Standard soldering irons are fixed temperature only with the temperature control determined by the soldering tip and mains voltage.

In essence a soldering iron is a hand tool used in soldering. A soldering iron will supply heat to melt solder (there are many different variants of solder) so that it can flow into the joint between two workpieces.

Soldering irons are typically comprised of a cartridge - a heated metal tip - together with an insulated handle. Heating is commonly acquired by passing an electric current, which is sourced from an electric control unit through a resistive heating element.

Soldering irons are most often used for in the electronics industry for, small to medium size production, R&D, repairs, and intricate rework. High-volume production lines might start to use other soldering methods, such as robotic soldering.


At Kaisertech we supply the complete range of JBC soldering equipment. We feel JBC are at the forefront for all hand soldering, rework and hot air application in the world, providing better performance than some of the classic names out there such at Metcal, Weller and Ersa.

The JBC CD-2BD soldering station

The JBC CD-2BD Soldering Station offers a fantastic entry-level option at just £300 (Exc. VAT) at Kaisertech!

To give you a quick insight into JBC soldering irons their are 4 main ranges:

  1. Compact Line: a self-contained station incorporating JBC's advance technology in a small footprint.
  2. Modular Line: this range allows users to integrate stackable modules for a truly personalised soldering set-up by selecting control units depending on the number of tools you require. Each control unit is compatible with all JBC tools and utilise JBC's exclusive heating system that improves work efficiency as a result of its quick temperature recovery time.
  3. Excellence rangeoffers the electronics industry probably the best range of soldering stations in the world. They all feature the super-fast JBC exclusive heating system, intelligent sleep and hibernation features. You can also personalize over 20 parameters to help manage the soldering process. Typical examples of JBC excellence soldering stations are the entry-level JBC CD-2BD Single digital soldering station with T245 handpiece. This unit is ideal for all soldering applications and has a wide range of soldering cartridges and the ability to use the smaller T210 handpiece.
  4. Premium Line: premium stations are complete modular kit set ups recommended by JBC and are able to satisfy all your soldering or desoldering needs.The range includes different models, such as Nano stations which are suitable for micro-soldering for really small SMT rework including reworking mobile phone boards, and heavy duty soldering stations if you require more power. The JBC HDE-2A heavy duty soldering station, is ideal when heating is important and larger tips are required.

For a basic working soldering system, you will need the following:

JBC control units/modules allow you to achieve a completely personalized soldering set-upJBC stands allow you to quickly change your soldering station's cartridge, allowing you to switch effortlessly between soldering jobsA simple soldering station set up require at least one cartridgeKaisertech stock a wide range of JBC soldering handpieces - an essential requirement for your soldering station

Who uses JBC soldering equipment?

JBC soldering irons are being used by universities, government contractors, high reliability OEMs and CMs and many other manufacturers who take the time to evaluate everything about their soldering process, from the cost of ownership to safety, to ergonomics to the thermal performance on every joint.

Also a lot of customers we find are individual home/small office users, the JBC equipment is great as you can keep adding on as your demands change which have proved a key selling area for many customers and not forgetting the over all quality you get with all JBC equipment.

10 Reasons to choose JBC soldering stations

  1. Soldering at lower temperatures
  2. Fast temp recovery
  3. Tip life 5x longer than competitors
  4. Increase productivity
  5. 400 cartridges
  6. PC & network Intergration
  7. Easy to use & maintain
  8. Wide variety of accessories
  9. Nano Soldering systems
  10. 6 different tool available from the common iron the tweezers

Choosing JBC soldering stations means:

  • You can find the right soldering station for your application from a wide range that also includes complete rework stations, hot air stations and hot plates.
  • They all use common software to adjust and control the soldering process
  • All JBC soldering stations come with a two year warranty as standard.
  • Companies around the world use JCB from the likes of mobile phone, military, medical and industrial manufactures. They are also widely used in the repair industry and many hobbyists are now starting to use JBC soldering stations as realise they need the control you get with a soldering station over the standard soldering iron.