The NEW JBC CD-2BE & CD-2SE Soldering Station

JBC launches the "E" version of CD-B and CD-S soldering stations that feature a new antisplash rubber to prevent splashing of solder particles and maintain the work area clean.

Avoid solder splashing
The new antisplash rubber helps to keep your work area clean and free of solder particles. There is little to no solder splashing which is improving safety to operators and others around.


NEW antisplash rubber guard


Modify parameters to suit your needs

JBC stations have also been designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements. You don't need to adapt to your station! Thanks to the extensive menu with over 20 parameters you can make it adapt to your needs!

Both the CD-BE and CD-SE stations are now available on our web store and ready for onsite demonstrations. Click here to buy now or book your demonstration.