Why you should preheat PCBs

PCB Preheaters offer top quality soldering with minimum thermal stress. By working at lower temperatures and in less time, you reduce the risk of thermal stress on PCBs and components, thereby improving your results.

The PHB-KA Convection Preheater Set is the most complete solution to preheating large PCBs and is essential for soldering and rework on multilayered boards. The support has three adjustable heights and fits all sizes and shapes of PCBs.


The JBC PHB-A preheater has two independent convection heating zones by convection. The tool distributes the heat uniformly and gradually which reduces the risk of thermal stress.

Moreover, the process can be easily monitored with the thermocouple (type K). The control thermocouple follows a temperature profile precisely and with the auxiliary thermocouple the PCB’s surrounding components are protected.

JBC offers three preset temperature profiles and 20 more user defined profiles for your needs.


With the same features as the PHB-A model, the PHS-KB Infrared Preheater Set is the complete answer for preheating small PCBs.

The low thermal inertia of the infrared lamps with high heating capacity provides a fast response applying to the selected profile. The PHS-B IR Preheater is designed to give maximum uniform heating to guarantee the best results.

Introducing the Vision Engineering EVO Cam HD Digital Microscope

A High Performance Digital Microscope that Delivers Stunning HD Magnification

Kaisertech has recently added the Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope to its already extensive range of vision inspection systems.

This full HD digital microscope routinely delivers inspection and magnification in striking detail. Yet despite its high level of performance, it remains an ideal solution for users of varying abilities and experience.


  • The EVO Cam captures full-HD (1080p / 60fps) images and video, without the use of a computer.
  • Powerful 300x magnification.
  • 30:1 optical zoom.
  • Full auto focus to guarantee ultra-sharp imaging..

Stand options

The modular design of the Vision Engineering EVO Cam allows the user to choose from a variety of different stand options, illumination and accessories.

A digital microscope that delivers unrivalled clarity

With a vast array of objective lens options, the range of magnification options offered by this digital microscope ensures high-quality image and video capture producing unrivalled levels of detail and clarity. The images below demonstrate the sharpness of the EVO cam's magnification.

High defintion image capture using the Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope

This image still was captured at x14.8 magnification using the Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope

The Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope consistently delivers sharp imaging

Even at x151.1 magnification, there is no compromise in the clarity of capture, consistently delivering ultra-sharp imaging.

About Vision Engineering

Vision Engineering Ltd is a leading manufacturer of quality, ergonomic digital microscopes, stereo microscopes and measuring systems designed to routinely deliver a high level of performance and comfort to ensure productivity - winning prestigious awards for their innovative, patented optical designs. Vision Engineering's products are used by engineers and scientists around the world, and their versatility ensures applicability in a range of different industrial, materials and life science markets and industries.

Solutions for your business

Unsure which solution is best suited for your business? Before you commit to any decision, try before you buy with Kaisertech! We're able to arrange demonstrations either at your own facility using your own samples, or on a visit to Kaisertech's demonstration facilities. Click here to buy now or book your demonstration.

Read our case study on Kaisertech's recent HD vision inspection system installation at Queen Mary University London.

View our range of microscopes and vision inspection systems here.

Soldering & Repairing Even More Precise!

JBC has updated its Nano stations with improved features to make the soldering and repairing of very small-sized components even more precise.

The new NASE-B station now works with the NP105 Steady Nano Tweezers which enable a vertical alignment of the cartridges.

JBC NP105-B Steady Nano Tweezers

JBC NP105-B Steady Nano Tweezers

The smallest JBC tweezers for repairing chips like 01005 offer precise movement giving maximum control even when using a microscope.

JBC New mechanical keyboard

JBC New mechanical keyboard

NANE-B and NASE-B Nano stations feature all the Excellence range benefits, an easy-to-use menu which helps you monitor the work in real time and a new mechanical keyboard.