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New software for JBC DME stations

The latest version includes new features and improved performance. 

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has announced the release of the DME software update, which can be freely downloaded from their website.

This update allows you to control up to 5 PSE units on a single DME and set tool and port parameters individually.

The user interface has been redesigned with a more user-friendly menu and along with the existing eight languages we have added two more, Russian and Korean.

The temperature readings of the tip and the screen are more precise as well as being refreshed more quickly.

There are improved Ethernet and USB connections for linking up to the B·Net.

Get it here.

New C245786 cartridge available for soldering minuscule components

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has extended yet again its cartridge range with a new model: the C245786.

Similar to the C245126, this cartridge is used for soldering very small components as well as for drag soldering and correction of bridging.

JBC cartridges introduce unseen levels of precision and uses to the soldering process thanks to their excellent heat transfergreat durability and instantaneous heating up. Moreover, by using the sleep and hibernation functions, tip life can last up to 5 times longer.

To help you choose the best tip for your application, we have published a comprehensive cartridge guide. Download it here.

JBC’s NEW PSE Power Unit

The NEW JBC PCE power unit can control up to 4 tools via your PC.

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has developed a new control unit with a simplified LED interface, which ensures total control over the soldering process and the operator’s performance.

The PSE Power Supply Unit can simultaneously manage up to 4 tools. So it is suitable for soldering and desoldering almost all types of components as well as for many kinds of rework jobs. The 4 LEDs on the front of the station indicate if the ports are properly connected and the tool’s status (in Work or Sleep mode).

The PSE is easily configured by computer (USB or Ethernet). You can personalize over 20 parameters such as temperature and the Sleep and Hibernation modes and also make sure that these settings can’t be modified during the work process, which ensures your quality.

Greater versatility, lower price

You can also manage and monitor the station using a Robotic system thanks to the JBC Robot Communication Protocol, specially designed for the Excellence range. Just connect the Robot system to the station by means of the RJ12 connector and set the commands.

And what is most interesting is that the PSE unit has the best price per port of all the JBC station range.

Soon available!

For anymore more information on any of the JBC soldering range, please call or drop us an email.

Vision Inspection Systems – Kaisertech’s Range of Digital Microscopes

Vision Engineering Ltd is a renowned and highly-regarded manufacturer of stereo microscopes and measuring systems. Vision Engineering digital microscopes has been ergonomically designed to deliver optimal comfort and productivity. Vision Engineering products are used by engineers and scientists worldwide working in a wide range of industrial, materials and life science sectors.

Hirox digital microscopes feature a high optical inspection and make it easy for users to quickly  autofocus on the subject they are inspecting. Hirox lenses have a very large depth of field enabling users to produce sharp, high-resolution images, without the need for further digital enhancement.

We’ve picked out some of our most highly recommended digital microscopes from these two manufacturers below.

Vision Engineering Lynx Evo


The Lynx Evo is a truly advanced stereo microscope featuring the very latest eyepiece-less technology. It routinely produces high-resolution 3D stereo viewing in stunning detail. This digital microscope delivers an exceptional level of performance and has been ergonomically designed to support prolonged magnification work and improve user productivity.

Read more here

Vision Engineering Mantis Elite Cam-HD

Vision Engineering Mantis Elite digital microscope

Like the Lynx Evo, the Mantis Elite Cam-HD also uses eyepiece-less technology, coupled with the imaging power of an HD camera.

Ergonomically designed, the Mantis Elite Cam-HD is the latest edition from Vision Engineering’s popular Mantis stereo microscope range. This digital microscope represents a complete solution for inspection, reworking and reporting work.

Read more here

Vision Engineering Evo Cam HD

Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope

Similarly, the Evo Cam is an outstanding digital microscope that also delivers stunning HD (1080p) magnification. While this microscope commands a very high level of performance, it is suitable for users of all abilities and experience.

With a huge selection of objective lens and magnification options, this digital microscope consistently produces unrivalled levels of detail and clarity in both image and video capture.

Read more here

Vision Engineering VisionZ 2

VisionZ Digital Microscope

This digital microscope produces real-time video capture in full-HD (1080p) - with magnification up to x122 - to produce image and video in exceptional clarity and detail.

Despite its exceptional level of performance, the VisionZ2 is easy-to-use and very adaptable. This makes it suitable for a range of production environments and precision magnification tasks, including laboratory work, electronics, micro mechanics and forensics.

Read more here

Hirox RH-2000 Digital Microscope

Hirox RH-2000 digital microscopes

This new model has a number of new features compared to its predecessor, including a CMOS camera, improved hardware design and a modern touchscreen interface.

The RH-2000 is able to capture continuous HD video (1920x1200 pixels) at 50fps. This digital microscope has been lauded for its high pixel density, which enables users to capture video recordings in truly remarkable detail. Moreover, its fully integrated hardware and software enables users to produce 3D images using the latest using automated tiling and stacking technology. The advanced, yet easy-to-use, technology incorporated within this digital microscope can provide users with analyses and readings of profiles, surface areas among other measurements.

This digital microscope supports a huge range of different lenses, filters and accessories for tailoring the microscope to a particular application.

Read more

If you require any further information or wish to discuss your requirements with one of our digital microscope experts, call us on +44 (0)23 8065 0065.

Brand New JBC Soldering Station with Improved Tools

With more than 80 years experience, JBC has established themselves as a leading manufacturer of soldering stations and tools, which incorporate the very latest cutting edge technology.

The brand new CA compact soldering station is no exception. It is ideal for repetitive soldering jobs where the user requires a free hand. It works together with the ergonomic AP250 solder feed iron, which is well-suited for prolonged soldering work by offering unrivalled comfort for workers to improve productivity.

A technologically advanced soldering station

The JBC CA is a self-contained soldering station featuring sleep and hibernation modes, whereby solder tips adopt lower temperatures once they have been set to rest on the stand. This innovative technology has been proved to prolong solder tip life by up to 5 times longer, when compared to other manufacturers’ products.

This JBC soldering station also incorporates a complete cleaning system with an anti-splash membrane, helping you to keep the work area clean and free of foreign object debris (FOD).

If you’re unsure which JBC soldering products would be most appropriate for your requirements, speak to one of our soldering experts! Call us on +44 (0)23 8065 0065.

Introducing JBC’s new dip soldering system: wires and component tinning faster than ever before

Leading soldering and rework tool manufacturer JBC are renowned for their technological innovation and expertise. The launch of a new dip soldering system (CT-SA) aims to simplify the manual soldering process and serves as a further indication of JBC’s continual commitment to meeting customer demands.

JBC’s new dip solder pot system allows workers to tin wires and components faster and safer than ever before.

JBC Solder Pot Cartridges

JBC solder pot cartridges

Moreover, JBC has expanded its already extensive range of soldering cartridges with the addition of C245-SP01 and C470-SP01 soldering tips. The titanium pot is designed to resist the corrosiveness of lead-free solder alloys, ensuring a long product life.

When used together with the solder pot stand, JBC’s solder pot cartridges enable users to dip into molten solder to tin wires, a process that requires precise control of soldering temperature. These solder cartridges are also capable of desoldering through hole multipin components.

JBC CT-SA Solder Pot Cartridge Stand

The recently launched CT-SA solder pot cartridge stand (shown above) secures the solder pot from tipping over, avoiding any dangerous accidents.

This JBC soldering stand features a protective screen safeguarding users against potential burns from the solder pot. The stand also features a knob for quick and safe changing of the handle.

Kaisertech appreciates that it is not always straightforward to identify the most appropriate soldering station for your soldering requirements. When in doubt, speak to one of our soldering experts! Call us on +44 (0)23 8065 0065.

ESD Static Control – Huge Range of Products Available at Kaisertech

Ensure you take the necessary precautions to safeguard against electrostatic discharge (ESD) in the production area. Any electrical charges should be dissipated away from workers using electrical equipment, with a path-to-ground established that allows for static to be controlled in the production area.

Despite how technologically advanced modern-day electrical components are, they can still be severely damaged by a single electrical shock. For this reason it’s paramount to use ESD-safe tools and production equipment to reduce the possibility of costly damage inflicted on electrical components.

What is electrostatic discharge (ESD)?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the rapid movement of electric charge from one object to another in a non-conductive working environment. While many static shocks may be painless to humans, the same level of static can inflict far greater damage to electronic components. Indeed, it can take as little as 25 electrostatic volts to damage an integrated circuit beyond repair, which can be created simply from the friction that exists between hairs, skin and clothes.

ESD sensitive production areas should continually provide a buried shielding layer and a sealed surface in order to establish a controlled path-to-ground. The safest solution is to establish a static-free working environment.

How to create an anti-static production environment

ESD-safe tools and production equipment have been designed to ground workers and reduce the level of static in a production area - with built up electrical charge being dissipated away from the worker.

When it comes to static control, it’s always better to be safe than be sorry - particularly as a lack of safeguards can result in costly and even irreparable damage that exceeds the cost of controlling for static.

Our range of ESD static control products

Kaisertech stocks a huge range of ESD static control, static handling and anti-static packaging products to provide your business with a complete solution to mitigate against the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD).

At Kaisertech you should be able to find all the static control products you’re searching for. If you’re unable to find a particular product or wish to discuss your requirements with one of our static control specialists, feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)23 8065 0065.

Learn more about our range of ESD static control products below.

ESD bags and sealers (including shielding and moisture barrier bags)

ESD bags and sealers: static control products

With a wide array of different sizes available, our durable anti-static bags provide protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) for sensitive electronic components.

These bags produce a faraday cage effect to create an anti-static environment and eradicate any external static and non-static electric fields.

Kaisertech stock ESD shielding bags, resealable bags, moisture barrier bags as well as open top and zipper bags.

Prices start from just £1.29 (ex. VAT) for a pack of 100 bags.

ESD clothing and workwear

ESD Clothing & Workwear for static control

Anti-static work clothing is essential for establishing a static-free production area. Our ESD polo shirts are both comfortable and lightweight, and can therefore be less restrictive for workers than wearing anti-static overalls or coats. Kaisertech stock both short and long sleeved ESD polo shirts.

Kaisertech’s range of ESD-safe trousers, ESD polo shirts or t-shirts can be embroidered with your company’s logo.

Prices start from £18.20 (ex. VAT).

ESD component boxes

ESD Component Boxes to protect against electrostatic discharge

These durable conductive component boxes are guaranteed to provide high-quality ESD protection and represent an inexpensive solution to protect against electrostatic discharge.

Prices start from just £0.31 (ex. VAT)

ESD footwear

ESD footwear: static control in production area

Sievi ESD footwear restricts any buildup of static and when combined with ESD matting or flooring you can be sure that no conductive pathway will be established between a worker’s body and floor.

A pair of durable anti-static shoes start from just £48.90 (ex. VAT).

ESD grounding

ESD grounding: static protection

Our range of ESD grounding products - including bonding plugs, socket adapters and grounder heels - provide inexpensive ESD protection for sensitive electronic components.

ESD inplant handlers

ESD inplant handlers safeguard against the harmful affects of static in the workplace

These cost effective and hugely versatile inplant handlers are designed to safeguard PCBs from the harmful effects of static, in turn removing the need for shielding bags. These inplant handlers are suitable for both in-house usage and bulk shipping.

Corstat inplant handlers start from just £22.50 (ex. VAT)

ESD matting and flooring

ESD matting & flooring mitigates against potential costly damage of static

Anti-static matting and flooring can dissipate static charges away from workers operating charge sensitive equipment and machinery. ESD-safe matting can eliminate static charges from a worker’s body before they start work.

We stock a wide range of matting with different sizes, lengths and thicknesses available.

ESD reel storage systems

Static control: ESD reel storage systems

These conductive reel storage solutions provide essential protection against static. Among our static control product range, we stock a number of different sized reel racks and containers for both 7" and 15" reels.

A complete ESD reel storage solution start from £19.15 (ex. VAT).

ESD test equipment


ESD measuring equipment can detect and measure the presence of static charges in a production environment. These readings can be extremely valuable; allowing a worker to put further measures in place to reduce level of static present before commencing work.

Among our range of ESD test equipment we sell constant monitors, electrostatic field meters, resistance monitors and wristband testers.

ESD tote boxes

ESD tote boxes for static control

ESD tote boxes offer protective storage solutions for static sensitive electronic components. Kaisertech prides itself as a stockist of quality and reputable brands, and our range of conductive tote boxes is no exception. Our customers are able to choose tote boxes from a number of dependable manufacturers such as Fami, SSI Schaefer and Wez, with collapsible, non-collapsible and stacking tote boxes available to buy direct from our website.

ESD transit packs & component boxes

Help eliminate static from your production area with ESD transit packs and component boxes

As part of our range of anti-static and conductive packaging solutions, these ESD transit packs and component boxes are able to provide valuable protection for static sensitive components and materials.

View our range of durable microchip, component, transit and shipping boxes for a simple and secure method of storing and shipping static sensitive components.

ESD wrist bands and cords

ESD wrist straps and cords: inexpensive static protection

Lastly, these ESD wrist straps are made from a band of fabric containing fine conductive carbon or carbon-filled rubber fibres and help establish a path-to-ground to dissipate static charges away from workers operating electronic equipment. Starting from just £1 (ex. VAT), our ESD wrist straps provide valuable anti-static protection for such a small outlay in cost.

At Kaisertech we appreciate that it is not always straightforward to understand how best to safeguard against static in your working environment. When in doubt, speak to one of our experts! Call us on +44 (0)23 8065 0065.

Prices accurate as of April 2016

NEW Lynx EVO eyepiece-less stereo microscope unlocks the power of productivity

After much anticipation, Kaisertech are pleased to announce the launch of Vision Engineering's Lynx EVO, a new high productivity eyepiece-less stereo microscope.

Building on the strengths of its market-leading predecessor, Lynx EVO eliminates the difficulty and strains of using ‘eyepiece’ stereo microscopes, opening up a world of enhanced productivity and ease of use.

Although the eyepiece-less advantage of Lynx EVO stems from stunning 3D (stereo) imaging, the real brilliance of the patented design is the simplicity of operation.Superior imaging combined with unrivalled ergonomics promotes simple hand-eye co-ordination, critical for precision inspection tasks, re-work, repair and other manipulation activities. Operators can maintain the highest levels of performance, even across an entire shift.

Benefitting from a high optical specification, the 10:1 zoom ratio with long working distances provides users the ability to inspect up to 120x magnification (6x – 60x standard), ideal for a wide range of applications.

Lynx EVO is available in a range of configurations, designed for use in different environments, from laboratories and medical device clean rooms, through to production, or manufacturing inspection. Accessories include HD image capture, plus an exceptional 360° rotating viewer.


Lynx EVO - Powering your productivity through eyepiece-less stereo microscope technology

Vision Engineering Lynx Evo Cam

Tanaka Bonding Wires

Kaisertech are pleased to announce we are now selling Tanaka bonding wires.

Tanaka is the premier manufacturer of bonding wire to the semiconductor industry. Tanaka offers a full range of Gold (Au), Silver(Ag), Aluminum (Al), bare Copper (Cu) and Palladium Coated Copper (PCC) covering all applications of wedge, ball and bump bonding.

Bonding wires are used for a wide range of products, such as ICs, LSIs and transistors. Tanaka brings quality products at the cutting-edge of semiconductor technology.

  • Gold Bonding Wire
  • Gold Alloy Bonding Wir
  • Copper Bonding Wire
  • Aluminum Bonding Wire for Power Devices
  • Aluminum Bonding Ribbon
  • Aluminum-Silicon Bonding Wire
  • Silver Alloy Bonding Wire
Short Loop Application

Short Loop Application

Long Loop Application

Short Loop Application

Multi-wire bonding

Multi-wire bonding

For more information please email: [email protected]