JBC cartridges guide: choose the most suitable cartridge for your application

JBC is committed to enlarging its extensive range of cartridges. To help you choose the best tip for your application, JBC have published a comprehensive cartridge guide.

The purpose of this new guide is to help you choose the best cartridge depending on the components, the size and the tools.

JBC cartridges introduce unseen levels of precision and utility to the soldering process thanks to their excellent heat transfergreat durability and instantaneous heating up. Moreover, by using the sleep & hibernation functions, tip life lasts up to 5 times longer.

Download the cartridge guide here.

Three new models of cartridges:

C245785 Special Cartridge for T245 handpiece

Similar to the C245-760, but with a finer tip, it is specially designed for soldering through-hole leads, cables or any other cylindrical part up to 1,5 mm in diameter. Its shape enhances heat transfer and improves barrel fill through-hole for connections.

C105125 Cartridge Chisel 0,6 x 0,3

Appropriate for soldering and repairing very small and difficult to reach components requiring high precision, even when working under a microscope. It is used with NT105 Nano Soldering Iron and NP105 Nano Tweezers.

C560017 Tip for DR560 desoldering iron

Recommended for desoldering through-hole components with leads of up to 1 mm in diameter.

SMT Rework and Repair Using JBC Hot Air Stations and Preheaters

JBC’s unwavering commitment to technological innovation has proved crucial in developing soldering tools capable of meeting even the most precise specifications for desoldering work.

JBC Hot Air Stations

JBC TE-2QC hot air station

The JBC TE-2QC hot air station (without accessories) is available for just £916.00 (Exc.VAT) from Kaisertech!

JBC hot air stations offer an ideal solution for repair work with surface mount electronic components (SMD), quad flat packs (QFPs) and plastic leaded chip carriers (PLCCs). As a result of JBC’s exclusive system and the wide array of extractors and protectors, users can regulate airflow and temperature by choosing between two different work modes. Users are able to effortlessly desolder components by directly applying heat to the area they wish to remove solder from. When using JBC hot air stations the heat is strongly concentrated to the area being worked on - protecting surrounding areas against potentially the damaging effects of heat exposure.

Rework arm

JBC RWA-A Rework Arm offers a hands-free solution that streamlines the rework process when using hot air stations

The JBC RWA-A Rework Arm is available for £450 (exc. VAT) from Kaisertech!

JBC has recently developed a hands-free solution for their range of hot air equipment to streamline the rework process. JBC’s hot air stations incorporate an articulated arm for ease-of-use, which work well with preheaters.

JBC rework adjustable arms provide support for hot air stations and therefore leaves the operator’s hands free. When fixed to a position, repetitive work within the same batch of PCBs can be completed quickly and any position on the PCB can be reached as a result of multiple arm joints.

Rework arms offer full access to any component - no matter its size - due to the range of vertical movement available.


JBC PHB-2KA Convection Preheater

The JBC PHB-2KA Convection Preheater is available for £2,074 (exc. VAT) from Kaisertech!

Preheaters allow for quality soldering while inducing minimum thermal stress by working at lower temperatures - delivering high quality results even with more challenging rework applications. Preheaters now play a crucial role in modern soldering, particularly due to the presence of high mass PCBs and lead-free solder. Underside heat allows users to complete tasks quicker and more efficiently.

The JBC PHB-KA Convection Preheater Set provides a comprehensive solution for preheating large PCBs. Soldering work on multilayered boards requires uniform heat distribution. The PHB-KA incorporates two heating zones that can either be used simultaneously or independently, with the user’s chosen set up largely contingent on the size of the PCB being worked on.

The JBC PHB-KA’s console includes three preset temperature profiles and a further 20 profiles that can be manually set by the user - depending on the task being performed. The control thermocouple closely follows the temperature profile set by the user and the auxiliary thermocouple provides protection for the PCB’s components.

Incorporating the same features as seen in the JBC PHB-KA model, the PHS-KB Infrared Preheater Set and provides an all-encompassing solution for preheating small PCBs. The low thermal inertia from the infrared lamps have a high heating capacity that can quickly adjust to temperature profiles.

If you’re unsure which JBC soldering products will provide the best solution for your needs, call the team at Kaisertech on +44 (0)23 8065 0065 to discuss your requirements.