NEW Vision Engineering DRV-Z1 Digital 3D Viewer

High definition 3D image viewing, capture and share in real time.

Specifically designed for inspection and manufacturing applications, DRV-Z1 is a digital stereo 3D viewer with zoom assembly that brings together the benefits of optical stereo microscopy and digital technology into a single, unique system.

Excellent subject clarity

DRV-Z1’s digital 3D image provides a natural 3D view, with full high definition resolution and excellent subject clarity enabling better quality inspection.

For the first time in a digital system, real depth perception is created which is perfect for QC, inspection and re-working of components, electronics and PCBs.

3D view, capture and share

Not only is DRV-Z1 the first 3D FHD widescreen digital display, uniquely it also allows remote viewing, capture and sharing of exactly the same static or moving 3D image across networks, creating completely new opportunities for collaboration across distributed operations.

Ergonomic advantage

DRV-Z1’s ergonomic design supports:

  • Good posture as the user sits upright and makes genuine 3D detail accessible for all users
  • Reduced eye fatigue, as users are completely aware of their surroundings
  • Freedom of head movement, reducing short and long-term neck and back strain


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