HD Vision Inspection at Queen Mary University of London

VisionZ2 HD Inspection System

Kaisertech was invited in by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) to provide an HD vision inspection solution. QMUL is one of the UK’s leading research-focused higher education institutions, with around 17,840 students, 4,000 staff and an annual turnover of £300m, they are one of the largest University of London colleges.

The university was using a 10+ year old optical microscope with limited working distant and no ability to capture images. From this they had two functions high on their criteria list, firstly, improved working distant and secondly, the ability to capture HD images. After being presented with suitable options, the best solution was the Vision Engineering VisionZ2 – Full HD Video Inspection Systemwith its real time precision HD video inspection. Additionally, the VisionZ2 has magnification options up to 122x and provides superb high contrast imaging, with ultimate simplicity for any task requiring precision magnification.

HD Vision Inspection Systems from Vision Engineering
Full HD Vision Inspection Systems available at Kaisertech

Advantages of using an HD Vision Inspection System

This system provided ease of use to all students and staff, resulting in significant improvement from their pervious system. The students have found this particularly effective for fault finding and then emailing on to others whilst the staff have found it the perfect tool for displaying what they usually only see themselves, now on a large screen in front of others to analyse.

Highlights for inspection systems

Quality, effortlessness and excellent optical performance are the key to VisionZ2’s success, below are a few key highlights:

  • Brilliant full HD 1080p high contrast imaging for excellent inspection.
  • Essential image capture via USB.
  • Exceptionally large field of view
  • (295mm with standard 4D lens).
  • Great working distance – up to 333mm.
  • Magnification options up to 122x.
  • Large monitor image – perfect for training, assessment, development etc.

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