The Wizzybug giving powered mobility to disabled children under 5

Bosch i-Business would like to welcome Kaisertech as a UK distributor. Kaisertech has many years of experience within the industry supplying components and services into manufacturing throughout the UK.

Established in 1998, Kaisertech has grown to be a well-recognised supplier of electronic production equipment to thousands of companies.

In 2012, Kaisertech took another step forward with a new division supplying industry specific products into the general engineering and development market. It sees the introduction of this new range of Bosch motors, drives, pumps and blowers as great new choice for its customers.

David Sibley, Managing Director said: “Kaisertech is excited to be able to sell this new range from the Bosch i-Business division. With all the products being manufactured to Bosch’s exacting standard, these products fit well with the rest of our premium range.”

Kaisertech has a dedicated team of account managers to support this new range to provide customer technical support and a premium service. Bosch i-Business supply industrial components into the manufacturing industry aimed at small-medium OEMs. These components are varied and derived from the automotive industry, synonymous with quality. Below is a small selection of what is available:

• DC electric motors (12v & 24v) • Pumps (12v & 24v)

• Relays • Sensors • Solenoid Switch Valves (12v & 24v) • Combustion Engine parts

The DC 12v & 24v actuators/ motors are one of Bosch’s many strengths. The range starts with the small flap actuator called the VMC (1nm), ideal for the HVAC industry, followed by the AHC motors (30nm) that are commonly used for table height adjustment and finally moving onto the EDP (120nm) used for mobility and many other heavy applications. These products are just a few examples of what Bosch can offer to OEMs. Presented here is a case study about how Bosch has helped Designability bring the “Wizzybug” to market.

The Wizzybug

An assistive technology charity called Designability spend their days working to help people living with a disability across the UK through the design and development of innovative products and technologies.

In 2007 they designed the Wizzybug in response to the lack of a suitable powered wheelchair with a ‘child-friendly’ design for children under 5. Unfortunately, there is limited NHS funding for powered wheelchairs for young children which encouraged Designability to raise funds to be able to launch the Wizzybug Loan Scheme – each child who is eligible for a Wizzybug can have one free of charge. To a child with a disability like cerebral palsy, spinal muscular atrophy, spina bifida or muscular dystrophy Wizzybugs are priceless.

But how did Designability choose to give them the power of movement? They selected a Bosch motor, as their workshop manager, Martin Rouse, explains: “We chose Bosch motors as a reliable, cost-effective motor gearbox that offered us the torque, motor speed, and small size required to help make Wizzybug an ideal first wheels powered mobility vehicle for children.”

Wizzybugs are available to any child aged 14 months – 5 years who could benefit from powered mobility. In order to apply for one, families need to contact Designability –

Contact Kaisertech

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