Tip Extraction Machine Can Handle 50 Manual Solderers!

Purex International Ltd - the UK based leading manufacturer of high performance fume extractors has developed the 200i-HP. With its high powered blower, this extractor can cater for up to 50 soldering irons and has other capabilities such as automatic electronic flow control, gas and particle sensors, patented filter technology and Digital graphic display.

When soldering without extraction, solder and flux fumes are likely to enter the breathing zone of the solderer, this can cause occupational asthma and irritation to the respiratory tract if inhaled.

The 200i-HP tip extraction machine extracts the fume from the source ensuring no hazardous fumes are inhaled by the worker.

This unit is precision made from stainless steel and features a high powered blower to draw contaminated fumes away from the workers breathing zone.

The fumes are then passed through a patented Labyrinth pre-filter to remove larger particles and then through a 2-stage filter system which removes harmful sub-micronic particles and gases before clean, filtered air is returned to the workplace.

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LEV Testing – What is it? Is it the Law?

Health and safety law says you must assess the risks to your workers from hazardous substances – dusts, fumes, vapours, etc. - and decide what measures to use to protect their health.

If the measures you adopt include extraction systems (LEV) to remove the dusts, fumes, vapours etc. produced by your work processes or activities, then you must maintain the LEV in efficient working order so it continues to provide the necessary protection. You should also have a periodic thorough examination and test (at least every 14 months) and must keep this record for at least 5 years. In addition, you should have information on the installed LEV system to confirm it provides adequate protection, which should be kept for the life of the equipment.

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Fume Extraction Systems – How much do you know?

It's important to start off with that local and international health and safety legislation (such as COSHH, NIOSHH, OSHA etc) states that it is the employers responsibility to protect the health, welfare and safety of their employees. Failure to do so can result in expensive legal action, potential fines and poor employee relations.

Fume Extraction - Whats The need?

Many types of dust and fume are hazardous to health if inhaled. People can become permanently sensitised to fumes which means that continued exposure, even to very small amounts of fume, may cause asthma attacks or other respiratory diseases.

A high performance fume extraction system will help to:-

-Protect employee health.

-Ensure compliance with Health & Safety regulations such as OSHA, NIOSH C.O.S.H.H, MAK, AFNOR, or equivalent.

-Increase production speeds.

-Reduce complaints by operators due to odours, dust and vapours.

-Avoid possible cost of health compensation claims.

Which Fume Extraction System?

These are usually two types of extraction system available:-

-External - pump contaminated air into the environment outside the building.

-Internal - at source capture and filtration or LEV (local exhaust ventillation) system.

In our opinion the best system to use is an LEV system such as a Purex. These capture fumes at the source thereby preventing fumes escaping into the workplace. They also filter hazardous particles and gasses which would otherwise be pumped into the outside environment causing pollution.

Using an internal filter system also avoids issues with environmental regulations and potential complaints from neighbouring businesses about fumes and odours.