New Demonstration Room Near Completion

The builders have finished and the Yamaha YS12F Pick & Place machine has been moved into position ready to be commissioned in the next couple of days. Also a Promass PCB loader has arrived and will be commissioned along with the Yamaha YS12F Pick & Place.

Yamaha YS12F

Other items ready to be installed are the Purex SYS400 extraction unit, JBC Rework units and Meiji Vision Systems. Other items such as the Hirox 3D Digital Microscope will be on display later on in the year.

premiumOnce the demonstration room is open Kaisertech plan to arrange regular seminars and open days. Specialist   speakers will be invited to talk about various subjects and demonstrate the related equipment.

Purex System 200

It is anticipated that the first seminar will take place in June where a range of Yamaha assembly equipment and JBC rework equipment will be on show, and guest speakers from these companies will be attending to introduce and demonstrate their range.



Kaisertech Start Work On New Demonstration Room!

Due to the increased level of interest with the Yamaha range of Pick and Place machines, Kaisertech has started work on a new demonstration room at their Eastleigh facility allowing customers easy viewing of the range.

Along with the Yamaha range of Pick & Place Kaisertech also plan to add more products to view such as Board Handling from Promass, Vision Inspection from Meiji and Hirox, Soldering & Rework units from JBC, Extraction Systems from Purex and many smaller items from Kaisertech’s extensive range of consumables.

Once the demonstration room is open Kaisertech plan to arrange regular seminars and open days, having specialist speakers who can talk about various subjects and demonstrate the related equipment.

It is anticipated that the room will be ready before the end of May.   When it is completed Kaisertech will send out invites for the first seminar.

Southern Manufacturing Show – Great Success for Kaisertech

What a busy week Kaisertech had at the Southern Manufacturing show!!  From the minute the show opened, Kaisertech had people on their stand, many of whom were  interested in the full range of products on display which were Yamaha Pick & Place, Promass Coating and Dispensing, Hirox 3D Digital Microscope, JBC Soldering and Rework Range, Purex Fume Extraction Systems, Hios Drivers, Wave Soldering Pallets and many consumable products.

Particular interest was shown in the Yamaha Pick & Place machine which is new this year to Kaisertech.  The Hirox 3D Microscope also had a lot of interest from some unexpected customers across many industry areas!

Also at the show Kaisertech exhibited for the very first time in the UK the brand new Promass Conformal Coating machine which is capable of spray coating and dispensing.  The New JBC Soldering Iron which now has the added feature of  a USB port also got its debut showing on Kaisertech’s stand and has already generated new and exciting business.

As the show produced such a large number leads for Kaisertech, we have already re-booked for 2014 and will be exhibiting at their sister show, Northern Manufacturing 2013 in Manchester on the 2nd and 3rd October 2013.

Hirox Digital Microscope on the BBC tonight at 8 PM on BBC1

Hirox featured on the BBC!Don't miss the new BBC "Miniature Britain" TV show featuring the Hirox 3D Digital Microscope and Hirox Europe specialist Emilien Leonhardt!

The show will air on BBC1 on Wednesday the 12th of December at 8PM London time."Biologist George McGavin goes on a journey around the British Isles to show us the extraordinary little things that are vital to our land. With a revolutionary new microscope camera with a zoom up to seven thousand times, George reveals the surprising beauty of Britain close-up. Caterpillars' feet have hooks that anchor them to leaves even upside down, the wings of butterflies and moths are a kaleidoscope of colourful scales that keep them safe from predators, bee stings have barbs that make them stick deep in your skin, and feathers have thousands of hooks that zip together keeping birds airborne.

Our cities are full of invisible miniature life too: millions of cute 'water bears' graze pavement mosses, and our homes have legions of dust mites scavenging for food in our carpets.

This is Britain as you've never seen it before."

For more information: BBC Programmes or contact us

Come Visit Us @ Advanced Engineering UK | November 7/8th

Come meet some of the team here at Kaisertech at this years Advance Engineering exhibition this November (7/8th) at the Birmingham's NEC.

Some of the many products we will have out on display will be our: Hirox 3D Digital Microscope, Purex Fume Extraction Systems, HIOS Electric ScrewdriversAmbersil electrochemicalsKerry Ultrasonic CleaningApollo Seiko Robotic Soldering, JBC Soldering Tools and many more...

Riding high on its exponential growth over the recent years since its launch, the Advanced Engineering UK group of events continues to bring together OEMs and top tier customer groups to meet and do business with their supply chains & partners across some of the UK's highest-growth advanced engineering sectors.

Whether you are attending as an exhibitor or a visitor, each component event provides you with a business opportunity forum and capability showcase within its own sector, and those of the co-locating events - exposing you to additional opportunities and markets across the UK advanced engineering industries.

Please click on the link below for info on the show: