JBC improves its Hot Air stations for a better rework process.

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has improved its Hot Air range. The new stations, TESE and JTSEprotect the PCB and the surrounding components even better thanks to the new control thermocouple.

The company has designed the stations for higher performance, and added new features and functions:

Two work modes
There are two work modes to choose from to control the air flow and the temperature; the operator can set the temperature values and the air flow rate manually or by creating its own profiles (up to 25).

Control thermocouple
The user can read the temperature at a specific point on the PCB with the PH218 control thermocouple.

It helps protect the components or a specific area on the PCB. It provides greater precision when controlling and regulating the temperature either manually or with the profiles.

Auto-stop function
The auto-stop function is a safety measure which ensures the heat is automatically cut off when the tool is in the stand.

Complete set of accessories
JBC’s exclusive hot air system uses extractors, protectors and tripods for quick and safe desoldering. The TESE and JTSE are supplied with a complete extractor desk.

JBC Improves Hot Air Station Range

Check by yourself the profile software or the more ergonomic precision heater.

JBC Hot Air stations have been improved with the new profile software which allows to create up to 25 different work processes. You can personalize up to 9 steps for each program and each step depends on 3 parameters: Temperature (ºC/ºF), Air Flow (%) and Time (s).

The JT-B and TE-B stations also incorporate an USB connector which means you can now update station software,create graphs of the soldering process and manage and monitor parameters via PC (coming soon).

+ Improved features thanks to customer feedback

Ergonomic Heater: The reduced TE-TB Precision heater is lighter and more ergonomic to provide you with the best comfortability.

Adjustable Stands: By rotating the screw, the stands adapt better to your work position.

Extractor desk: It has been adapted to work with most of the current applications.