JBC Presents The NEW NP105-B Steady Nano Tweezers

The smallest tweezers for repairing chips like 01005. Now available!

JBC's Nano Tool range has been extended with these new tweezers which feature a new system for adjusting the cartridges vertically.

Now the operator has more options to choose from when working with very small-sized components requiring the greatest precision, including using a microscope: NP105-A Nano TweezersNT105-A Nano Handle or the new NP105-B Steady Nano Tweezers.

NP105-B main features
- Short distance Tip-to-Grip
- Vertical alignment of the cartridge
- Stable movement
- A grip that fits your finger

Works with NASE or NANE Nano stations and C105 cartridges.

JBC Premium Soldering Line

JBC Premium stations are complete modular kits suggested by JBC that satisfy all your soldering or desoldering needs. They are designed for industrial and extensive use with the JBC exclusive heating system that increases work efficiency thanks to the fast temperature recovery.

The range includes different models,
from micro work with Nano station to the highest power requirements
ith the Heavy Duty station.

A great example of a Premium unit is DIR Precision Soldering station:

The DIR soldering station is designed for industrial precision solder-joints with medium power requirements.

It works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep and hibernation features.

Using the menu you can personalize over 20 parameters to help manage the soldering process.

The "B" version incorporates a USB connector (type B) to update station software and create graphs.

Although its DI control unit can be connected to any of JBC tools, the DIR station works with the

lightest and ergonomic T210-A handpiece and C210 cartridges.