Work up to 15% faster with the new JBC Nano cartridges

These High Thermal Efficiency models feature a wider diameter to guarantee greater performance.

JBC has introduced seven new models of nano soldering cartridges which feature a 0.5 mm larger diameter at the tip barrel (2,5 mm in total).

 The C105-2xx cartridges retain more heat so its performance improves up to 15%. The operator can work faster and increase productivity.

 The new tips are compatible with the C105-1xx range and are appropriate for working with Nano Soldering and Rework stations (NAST and NANT).

-C105-211 Cartridge Knife 3,5X0,7 

-C105-212 Cartridge Knife 2,5X0,3 S1

-C105-213 Cartridge Chisel 1x0,3 S1

-C105-214 Cartridge Chisel 1,8x0,5 S1

-C105-221 Cartridge Chisel 1,3x0,3

-C105-222 Cartridge Chisel 1,6x0,3

-C105-223 Cartridge Chisel 2,4x0,6


C105 cartridges are the smallest and lightest in the JBC range. They are appropriate for soldering and repairing very small-sized components with great high precision, including under a microscope.

Please contact our sales office for more information on these new JBC tips.

Email: [email protected] or Tel: 023 8065 0065

New nozzle references for JT-TA and TE-TA Hot Air Tools

Both ranges feature different shapes and diameters
to regulate hot air flow.

JBC has changed nozzle references for the JT-TA heater and the TE-TA precision heater.

Nozzles increase the potential of JBC hot air tools.

They direct the heat to a particular area so that protect adjacent components.

All models are easily interchangeable.

Please contact sales office for more info
Email:[email protected]
Phone:+44 (0)23 8065 0065

New to JBC Soldering Tools 2013!

We would like to highlight the following news with the Advanced Series:


-Compact Line: The new "C" version incorporates a USB to upgrade software, generate graphs and monitor parameters from a PC.

-NAST-B: The "B" version of the Nano station has a dual integrated system consisting of a tip cleaning stand and a cartridge extractor/inserter.

-Hot Air Stations: The new "B" version features a USB connection and, in the case of TE-B and TE-QB, a new TE-TB heater and its corresponding stand have been incorporated. In addition, the extractor desk composition has been adapted to new technological demands.

-DDR and HDR: Robot versions for the current DD and HD. Using RS-232 output, the robot manages and monitors the soldering station.


-“D” version: JBC stands have been restyled. See the new adjustable cap for Sleep and Hibernation modes and the curved cable collector which allows easier use of the cartridge extractor.


-T210-PA and T245-PA Handpieces: The blue grips allow the user to visually distinguish the soldering irons for lead jobs (blue) from the unleaded ones (green).

-AL250-B Soldering Iron: The new screw allows the user to adjust for easier alignment of the cartridge.


-Included in the Advanced price list is the SL2020 temp-controlled soldering iron, the SG1070 gas soldering iron and the range of tweezers and pliers that are a perfect complement to all soldering jobs.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information.

Happy New Year for 2013!