Why you should preheat PCBs

PCB Preheaters offer top quality soldering with minimum thermal stress. By working at lower temperatures and in less time, you reduce the risk of thermal stress on PCBs and components, thereby improving your results.

The PHB-KA Convection Preheater Set is the most complete solution to preheating large PCBs and is essential for soldering and rework on multilayered boards. The support has three adjustable heights and fits all sizes and shapes of PCBs.


The JBC PHB-A preheater has two independent convection heating zones by convection. The tool distributes the heat uniformly and gradually which reduces the risk of thermal stress.

Moreover, the process can be easily monitored with the thermocouple (type K). The control thermocouple follows a temperature profile precisely and with the auxiliary thermocouple the PCB’s surrounding components are protected.

JBC offers three preset temperature profiles and 20 more user defined profiles for your needs.


With the same features as the PHB-A model, the PHS-KB Infrared Preheater Set is the complete answer for preheating small PCBs.

The low thermal inertia of the infrared lamps with high heating capacity provides a fast response applying to the selected profile. The PHS-B IR Preheater is designed to give maximum uniform heating to guarantee the best results.

JBC extends the C245 cartridge range with 4 new models

Work faster and increase productivity with special cartridges for specific soldering applications.

JBC cartridges offer excellent heat transfer, great durability and instantaneous heating up. By using the sleep & hibernation mode, a tip life lasts up to 5 times longer.

C245-771 Cartridge Bent 1 x 0.1
Special cartridge with bent tip for soldering between pins.

C245-772 Cartridge Nickel 1.4 x 0.7 S1
Special cartridge with pure nickel tip for HMP (High Melting Point) soldering. 

It replaces the C245-753 cartridge since its thermal performance has been improved by as much as 25%. The operator can work faster and increase productivity.

C245-773 Cartridge Chisel 0.8 x 0.3
This cartridge is a slender version of the C245742 for general soldering.

C245-774 Cartridge Chisel 1.2 x 0.3
This is the slender version of the C245906 for general soldering.

C245 Cartridges work with T245 handpieces and also with T470 handpieces only when being used with Modular stations.

JBC’s Automated Tip Cleaner causes excitement at Productronica 2013

The new JBC product was really appreciated by visitors as being an innovative solution to clean soldering tips effortlessly.

AVAILABILITY: Mid-January 2014

. The CLM4000 Automated Tip Cleaner became one of the JBC products that attracted most attention from visitors and clients who approached the JBC's stand at Productronica 2013. 
This new system consists of  two brushes that automatically clean the soldering tips when a photoelectric sensor detects the soldering tip.

The user just needs to bring the tip gently to the cleaner window and let the system work for as long as necessary. This means less effort and greater comfort when working.
This innovative product is designed with the most appropriate materials (brass and nickel silver brushes) to ensure the least damage of the tip. 

In addition, the wide splashguard guarantees the minimum tin splashes and allows the user to work safer.

New JBC products in Productronica 2013

JBC will officially present the latest solutions in soldering and rework such as the Soldering Net which allows you to work simultaneously with up to 4 control units.

JBC is getting ready for the next Productronica, which will be held in Munich on 12-15th November 2013. Visit us at Stand A4.442 and see the following for yourself:

Soldering Net: DT Touchscreen + PS Power Supply 
Work simultaneously with different tools and peripherals which make your job easier.

Peripheral Connections 
A new connector allows you to join station ports with modules and pedals.

TFT Screen with capacitive keyboard 
Improved stations feature an intuitive menu to help manage the process control.

Automated Tip Cleaner
 Two motorised brushes start/stop working when a sensor detects the soldering tip.

Station-Robot Communication 
RJ-12 output for a RS-232 connection with a protocol for robots.

Improved Nano Top stations
New TFT screen and replaceable cleaning & extraction sets for thorough tip cleaning.

Extended hand-piece range
 Models with different features (length, colour) to help you organize your work better.

New Preheater + PCB Support
 Personalise temperature profiles and easily adjust the PCBs to optimize workflow.

What’s the most recommended type of wool for cleaning soldering Tips?

Brass wool: Although less aggressive than the Inox Wool, it is easily subject to breaking down. This can cause metal particles and fibers to contaminate the enviroment of the working area. We have a very large and experienced customer that refuse the use of Brass Wool technique for this reason. Brass wool was first used in the industry many years ago and, as sometimes happens, it became an industry standard and adopted by many vendors.

Inox Wool: It is more agressive than the Brass wool and may require more restraint from the operator when using. This method proves to be the most effective when the user applies less aggressiveness and minimizes the abrasions – Less Is Better. Apart from being more effective with controlled use, Inox is much more durable than Brass. It is more flexible, less fragile, and as a result, reduces broken particles and contamination. In our testing we found it very resistant to breakage and less than 10X broken particles were found than with Brass wool.

JBC Tools | Soldering Compact line

These stations use the JBC exclusive heating system to satisfy all your needs for soldering and desoldering in a minimum footprint.

CD-B Soldering Station - All the necessary features for soldering in general electronic applications.

CD-S Precision Soldering Station - The perfect solution for soldering in precision electronic work.

CS Desoldering Station- Desoldering station with electric pump for precision electronic applications.

CV Precision Desoldering - For precise desoldering electronic work with a pneumatic pump.

CP Micro Rework Station- The solution for soldering and desoldering by using microtweezers.

CF Solder Feed Station - Soldering station with a solder feed iron for intensive or free single-handed jobs.

JBC HD Heavy Duty station

The JBC HD Heavy Duty Station is the ideal solution for high thermal demand or prolonged soldering applications such as the production of solar panels, multi-layered circuits and components of large dissipation surfaces.

It works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep and hibernation features.

Using the menu you can personalize over 20 parameters to help manage the soldering process.

It incorporates a USB connector (type B) to update station software and create graphs.

HD station works with the comfortable T470 handpiece and C470 cartridges.

Please contact for more information:

Email:[email protected]

Phone:+44 (0)23 8065 0065

Southern Electronics | February 13th & 14th

Southern Electronics provides the first and best opportunity for professionals in the UK electronics industry to source new services, components, technology and equipment in 2013.

The forthcoming event is set to showcase a highly comprehensive, yet diverse range of exhibiting companies all under one roof this February.

Want to meet some of the team at Kaisertech, have a question for us or just want to see some of the latest products to the industry? Be sure to come to our stand C60 at Southern Manufacturing where we will have on display a range of some of our most popular products:

JBC Soldering Tools | Yamaha Pick & Place | Promass Conformal Coating | Hios Electric Screwdrivers | Hirox 3D Digital Microscope (recently featured on the BBC) | Purex Fume Extraction