JBC releases NEW Fume Extractor FAE, the most efficient solution to avoid solder fumes

Fume extraction is a must when you are exposed to solder fumes, whether leaded or lead-free. Health risks come with extended exposure to solder fumes, so it is important to use the correct safety equipment to remove these hazardous substances.

JBC takes fume extractors to a higher level with its new smart Fume Extractor FAE. Designed for electronics soldering applications, it is capable of removing fumes safely and efficiently.

It is the unique system that optimizes fume extraction operating only when needed. The FAE automatically starts working when the tool is in use. This function saves power and the life of the equipment as well as the filter.

In addition, an innovative vacuum system integrated into the stand absorbs the fumes when the tool is at rest.

This portable system can be used simultaneously in two work areas and guarantees an extraction volume of 290 m3/h (170.7 CFM) and a strong vacuum of 6.1 KPa (0.88 psi).

It contains a compact 3-layered filter (pre-filter M5, H13 filter + activated carbon filter) for removing small particles, fumes and gases that are produced in different working processes, increasing safety.

It also allows fast and easy replacement and effective system maintenance. The unit notifies through both the display and the LED when filters must be changed.

For more information: https://kaisertech.co.uk/products/soldering/jbc-fume-extraction

JBC introduces the NEW SF Automatic Solder Feeder

Feed solder wire automatically from any position.

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has introduced the SF Automatic Solder Feeder, its latest technological innovation in hand soldering. The SF speeds up the soldering process and increase production efficiency.

This new solder feeder allows you to feed solder wire automatically from any position. You can easily configure parameters such as speed and length of the dispensed wireand monitor the consumption thanks to the integrated counters.


JBC SF Automatic Solder Feeder

JBC SF Automatic Solder Feeder

3 working modes

You can choose from continuous, discontinuous and programs mode. You can define up to 35 dynamic programs. In each one you can configure up to 3 steps with different length wire and dispensing speed. Execute them sequentially and cyclically with the concatenation option.

With V-Cut

The solder feeder features a small blade that perforates the solder wire down to the flux core while feeding it. This perforation process allows better flux flow and outgassing avoiding solder and flux splashing during the soldering process (also available without V-cut).

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic SF280-A Solder Feed Handle allows you to feed solder wire easily from any position. It is compatible with solder diameters of Ø 0.8 mm, 1mm & 1.5 mm. This means you can change the guide tube to suit your working needs.

JBC restyled stands to best suit the work position

The adjustable tool holder with screw and the curved cable collector have been designed to make your job easier.

JBC has launched new stands for all Premium soldering and rework stations with the following main features:

+ Adjustability

-The adjustable Tool Holder with the Sleep & Hibernation modes allows to place the tool according to his needs. The user just need to rotate the screw in order to suit his best work position.

+ Comfortability

-The curved cable collector allows to use the cartridge extractor more comfortably.

-The top of the cable collector has been enhanced with a non-rotating design that prevents cable discomfort when working.

-The position of cable collector can be adjusted by pulling to the wished direction thanks to the new screw system at the base.

Following these changes, the stands replaced its reference including the letter D (e.g. AD-SC support is currently AD-SD).

JBC stands manages the Sleep & Hibernation modes in order to lower tip temperature when tool is not used. As a result, tip life lasts up to 5 times longer.

JBC incorporates a USB connector on all COMPACT stations

The references have been replaced by the "C" version. Discover the new functions and features that make your job easier.

The "C" version of all soldering and desoldering COMPACT stations has incorporated a USB connector (type B) as its main feature which means you can now:

-Update station software

-Create graphs of the soldering process

- Manage and monitor parameters via PC (coming soon)

You can download and install these functions from JBC's website: www.jbctools.com/downloads.html.

In addition, the "C" stations offer improved features that facilitate your work, as shown in the picture.