JBC releases NEW Fume Extractor FAE, the most efficient solution to avoid solder fumes

Fume extraction is a must when you are exposed to solder fumes, whether leaded or lead-free. Health risks come with extended exposure to solder fumes, so it is important to use the correct safety equipment to remove these hazardous substances.

JBC takes fume extractors to a higher level with its new smart Fume Extractor FAE. Designed for electronics soldering applications, it is capable of removing fumes safely and efficiently.

It is the unique system that optimizes fume extraction operating only when needed. The FAE automatically starts working when the tool is in use. This function saves power and the life of the equipment as well as the filter.

In addition, an innovative vacuum system integrated into the stand absorbs the fumes when the tool is at rest.

This portable system can be used simultaneously in two work areas and guarantees an extraction volume of 290 m3/h (170.7 CFM) and a strong vacuum of 6.1 KPa (0.88 psi).

It contains a compact 3-layered filter (pre-filter M5, H13 filter + activated carbon filter) for removing small particles, fumes and gases that are produced in different working processes, increasing safety.

It also allows fast and easy replacement and effective system maintenance. The unit notifies through both the display and the LED when filters must be changed.

For more information: https://kaisertech.co.uk/products/soldering/jbc-fume-extraction

JBC introduces the NEW SF Automatic Solder Feeder

Feed solder wire automatically from any position.

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has introduced the SF Automatic Solder Feeder, its latest technological innovation in hand soldering. The SF speeds up the soldering process and increase production efficiency.

This new solder feeder allows you to feed solder wire automatically from any position. You can easily configure parameters such as speed and length of the dispensed wireand monitor the consumption thanks to the integrated counters.


JBC SF Automatic Solder Feeder

JBC SF Automatic Solder Feeder

3 working modes

You can choose from continuous, discontinuous and programs mode. You can define up to 35 dynamic programs. In each one you can configure up to 3 steps with different length wire and dispensing speed. Execute them sequentially and cyclically with the concatenation option.

With V-Cut

The solder feeder features a small blade that perforates the solder wire down to the flux core while feeding it. This perforation process allows better flux flow and outgassing avoiding solder and flux splashing during the soldering process (also available without V-cut).

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic SF280-A Solder Feed Handle allows you to feed solder wire easily from any position. It is compatible with solder diameters of Ø 0.8 mm, 1mm & 1.5 mm. This means you can change the guide tube to suit your working needs.

New software for JBC DME stations

The latest version includes new features and improved performance. 

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has announced the release of the DME software update, which can be freely downloaded from their website.

This update allows you to control up to 5 PSE units on a single DME and set tool and port parameters individually.

The user interface has been redesigned with a more user-friendly menu and along with the existing eight languages we have added two more, Russian and Korean.

The temperature readings of the tip and the screen are more precise as well as being refreshed more quickly.

There are improved Ethernet and USB connections for linking up to the B·Net.

Get it here.

JBC’s NEW PSE Power Unit

The NEW JBC PCE power unit can control up to 4 tools via your PC.

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has developed a new control unit with a simplified LED interface, which ensures total control over the soldering process and the operator’s performance.

The PSE Power Supply Unit can simultaneously manage up to 4 tools. So it is suitable for soldering and desoldering almost all types of components as well as for many kinds of rework jobs. The 4 LEDs on the front of the station indicate if the ports are properly connected and the tool’s status (in Work or Sleep mode).

The PSE is easily configured by computer (USB or Ethernet). You can personalize over 20 parameters such as temperature and the Sleep and Hibernation modes and also make sure that these settings can’t be modified during the work process, which ensures your quality.

Greater versatility, lower price

You can also manage and monitor the station using a Robotic system thanks to the JBC Robot Communication Protocol, specially designed for the Excellence range. Just connect the Robot system to the station by means of the RJ12 connector and set the commands.

And what is most interesting is that the PSE unit has the best price per port of all the JBC station range.

Soon available!

For anymore more information on any of the JBC soldering range, please call or drop us an email.

JBC renews its manual solder feed iron

Constant innovation means improvements to the AP130 tool.

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has redesigned its manual solder feed iron AP130.

New reference AP250

The updated version works with C250 cartridge range, which features straight and bent tips to best meet the operator’s working needs.

This tool is ideal for repetitive tasks and, with its improved ergonomic design, ensures maximum comfort when working.

Moreover, connecting the fume extractor has been made easier (it is available as an accessory).

JBC is continuously improving its products to make the soldering and desoldering process faster and more efficient. The R&D department looks to improve our products to meet ever-changing consumer needs.

Soon available!

New JBC Rework Arms for Hot Air Stations

As a result of the great praise given to the RWB-A by customers, JBC has enlarged the range with two new products.

JBC has launched two new adjustable arms for those rework tasks where an “extra hand” is required.

As the RWB-A, the RWS-A and the RWT-A are designed to make the desoldering process easier. They have become an ideal hands-free solution for Hot Air stations and Preheaters.

RWS-A PHS Rework Adjustable Arm

Especially designed for working with the PHS IR Preheater, it allows adjustment for different heights and positions depending on the operator’s needs. This means it can cover the whole working area.

The arm can be placed in different positions, affording great flexibility when working on rework projects.

RWT-A Rework Adjustable Arm

This arm, without a base, is easy to install directly onto the workbench. It can be positioned to suit the task thanks to its adjustable clamps and, therefore, the operator takes full advantage of the workbench surface.

All JBC rework arms feature a swivel clamp that holds the heater hose safely away from the PCB, freeing up the workspace, and also an ESD connector rivet. Stability is obtained by knobs that secure the position of the arms.


Email: [email protected] for more information.

JBC cartridges guide: choose the most suitable cartridge for your application

JBC is committed to enlarging its extensive range of cartridges. To help you choose the best tip for your application, JBC have published a comprehensive cartridge guide.

The purpose of this new guide is to help you choose the best cartridge depending on the components, the size and the tools.

JBC cartridges introduce unseen levels of precision and utility to the soldering process thanks to their excellent heat transfergreat durability and instantaneous heating up. Moreover, by using the sleep & hibernation functions, tip life lasts up to 5 times longer.

Download the cartridge guide here.

Three new models of cartridges:

C245785 Special Cartridge for T245 handpiece

Similar to the C245-760, but with a finer tip, it is specially designed for soldering through-hole leads, cables or any other cylindrical part up to 1,5 mm in diameter. Its shape enhances heat transfer and improves barrel fill through-hole for connections.

C105125 Cartridge Chisel 0,6 x 0,3

Appropriate for soldering and repairing very small and difficult to reach components requiring high precision, even when working under a microscope. It is used with NT105 Nano Soldering Iron and NP105 Nano Tweezers.

C560017 Tip for DR560 desoldering iron

Recommended for desoldering through-hole components with leads of up to 1 mm in diameter.

JBC KHT470A: The most powerful tweezers for the most demanding applications

No other soldering tool offers so much power. It works with 2 HDE stations.

JBC's Heavy Duty Thermal Tweezers are perfect for soldering chips or connectors in applications requiring high thermal demands and prolonged soldering.

Main Features
- Tweezers are managed by 2 HDE-A stations.
- Work faster by reducing handling time.
- Foamed grip for working safely.

JBC HT470-A HD Thermal Tweezers

The Heavy Duty Thermal Tweezers are perfect for soldering or desoldering SMDs easily, reducing handling time.

Special kit
The KHT470A HD Tweezers kit comes with the HDT-SD Stand and the HT470-A HD Thermal Tweezers. You can also order the parts separately from our website.

Compatible HD cartridges

This tool works with the C470 cartridge range for Heavy Duty. Especially the C470-046 and the C470-050 models.

This stand works with the HT470-A Thermal Tweezers and two HDE stations.

This stand works with the HT470-A Thermal Tweezers and two HDE stations.

JBC Presents The NEW NP105-B Steady Nano Tweezers

The smallest tweezers for repairing chips like 01005. Now available!

JBC's Nano Tool range has been extended with these new tweezers which feature a new system for adjusting the cartridges vertically.

Now the operator has more options to choose from when working with very small-sized components requiring the greatest precision, including using a microscope: NP105-A Nano TweezersNT105-A Nano Handle or the new NP105-B Steady Nano Tweezers.

NP105-B main features
- Short distance Tip-to-Grip
- Vertical alignment of the cartridge
- Stable movement
- A grip that fits your finger

Works with NASE or NANE Nano stations and C105 cartridges.

Save time and space with JBC’s new Junior Tip Cleaner

Clean the tip in a fraction of a second:
The CLMS-A Junior Tip Cleaner improves thermal transfer of the soldering tip in 1 second. In a very short time you get optimal and uniform cleaning which means optimizing production.

Easy to use:
The CLMS-A can be fitted into any work area thanks to its reduced size and it is very easy to use. The operator just needs to press the button of the opening with the tool and two motorized brushes will clean the tip automatically.

Avoid solder splashing:
The splashguard helps keep your work area clean and free of Foreign Object Debris (FOD Control). There is practically no solder splashes and the operator can work more safely.

Quick maintenance:
The solder collector tray can be emptied and re-used with no wear and tear.

For more information or pricing please email:

[email protected] or [email protected]