Which is the best system to clean the tips?

It depends on maintenance issues and on the technology of the soldering system. A wet sponge is an efficient system if it is kept clean and damp (not swamped), it is changed periodically and deionised water is used. The tip's temperature partially decreases during the contact with the wet sponge, but this could be a disadvantage only with older generations of soldering systems, where the iron does not have a very fast thermal response and it takes several seconds to recover the working temperature. The cleaning wire (brass) is an alternative to the sponge. It needs less maintenance and does not decrease the temperature of the tip, that's why some handsoldering producers with low thermal response prefer it. On the other hand, it releases some material residues which may fall on the PCBs if the holder is not protected. The stand of the brass should be heavy in order not to move during its use, otherwise the operator will need also the other hand to hold it. The metal brush is a more aggressive way to clean the tip, but if used gently cleans well the tip with minimal damage. The tip tinner / cleaner is a chemical method to clean and retin the tip at the same time. It should be used when above methods fail and a very active cleaning method is needed. There is also a new sand cleaning method from JBC: the tip must be entered inside a protected sand deposit and turned it around. This method is advisable when all else fails.

The new adaptable JBC sleeve improves the control of Nano Tweezers!

JBC has created an adaptable sleeve for each arm of NP105 nano tweezers that suit the position of user's fingers in order to provide a greater control of tool.

These new ESD safe complements are designed with a soft and non-slip material. They offer a pleasant and comfortable grip that facilitate the handling of any small or microscopic SMD component. The aim is to optimise the functionality of the tool by improving its ergonomics: an intrinsic property of all JBC products.

This item -composed by two sleeves- is supplied mounted to NP105 nano tweezers but can also be purchased separately.

JBC are continuously improving their products to make any job easier and to satisfy the customers’ needs. Innovation, efficiency and reliability are the key features of a wide range of products which have been designed to satisfy any soldering and desoldering needs.

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