UK based electronic manufacture improves efficiency & ESD safety with Kaisertech workstations.

The customer Requirements:

  • A safe, ESD protected working environment
  • The flexibility to reconfigure the workbench set up as needs change over time
  • A way to streamline the manufacturing process
  • Each workstation to be configured differently for each manufacturing process

After several years of working together on other projects our customer was confident that Kaisertech would be able to provide a solution to meet the brief and would suit all of their needs in each location of the project; Research & Development Laboratory and Production Assembly.

Within the Research and Development Laboratory it was important that the benches were not only ESD protected, but also able to withstand a large weight bearing load. Kaisertech’s Cantilever ESD Workbench was the most fitting solution for this area. With a maximum weight limit of 600kg it is able to manage the robust equipment used, the flexible modular design and accessories available to them means that workbenches are adaptable to the latest task being worked on. The height adjustability gives the benches an ergonomic aspect to the needs of the user.

In Production and Assembly, it was decided that the customer was going to move away from their old style of all the assembly processes occurring on the same bench to a new system of a single process per workstation to create a better flow and increase production levels. This would mean that in this ESD protected environment they would require a variation of accessories for each differently configured workstation according to the task that was going to be performed. As a result of this the Classic Kaisertech ESD Workbench were selected with various accessories including perforated panels, LED task lighting, Shelving, and Storage.

Setting up the singular processes on separate benches has enabled:

  • Good process focus for the operators
  • Changes to tooling
  • Process step changes to be made quickly and effectively, making life for the operators easier, quicker and minimising mistakes.

Since the workstations were delivered our customer has reconfigured many of the workbenches as the processes have evolved. This is natural in manufacturing and the Kaisertech benches have allowed this flexibility through their modularity. Splitting manufacturing into smaller steps on Kaisertech benches has allowed the flexibility to increase throughput by adding more personnel when needed.

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Meeting Challenging Demands for Torque Controlled Screwdrivers

Wherever you are in the world our teams are working tirelessly to ensure that we meet your urgent requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Recently Kaisertech supplied 50+ Hios electric torque-controlled screwdrivers to an important government project which was extremely time sensitive.

Our objective was to correctly assess the correct torque-controlled driver that was needed and then provide this on a short lead time. We selected the Hios screwdriver based on its reliabilty, ease of use and suitability for a range of assembly work with screws and nuts within the torque requirements for this project.

Kaisertech stock a wide range of electric screwdrivers by Hios, Bosch and our own brand. Our range also includes items such as; battery power tools, driver bits, torque meters, power supplies, tool balancers and screw feeders.

Our teams here at Kaisertech successfully ensured all deadlines were met and showed dedication to go the extra mile.

If you have any projects you need assistance on, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

Gentle vacuum drying for non-flammable and flammable solvents

Vacuum drying chambers are used in many areas of science and industry in order to dry heat-sensitive materials quickly and effectively.

Conventional drying processes can damage heat-sensitive materials such as food, medication, chemicals or electronic components, or change their product properties. Carrying out the drying process in a vacuum drying chamber reduces this risk to a minimum. Vacuum drying is one of the most effective and gentle drying methods available. The aim of this method is to gently dry a high-grade product that contains water or a solvent without endangering the materials. Drying in a vacuum drying chamber is particularly recommended for compounds containing flammable solvents. Due to the oxygen in the air in particular, these compounds often develop an explosive atmosphere during the drying process. This is prevented when dried in a vacuum drying chamber. Vacuum drying also minimizes the risk of scaling or oxidation residue.

In the vacuum-drying process, the material to be dried is subjected to a reduced pressure environment, which reduces the boiling point and aids evaporation of the water or capillary transport. The targeted supply of heat and pressure control optimizes the drying process. Another positive effect is the low energy costs, as the vacuum makes it possible to dry materials at very low temperatures.

Huge range of applications

Typical applications for vacuum drying chambers include drying heat-sensitive products, semiconductors, and electronic components such as connectors, switches, and relays after cleaning. The chambers are also used to condition materials such as plastics and resins, as well as for certain aerospace tests, for fast and gentle drying of powder or granulate, or for drying materials with low heat conductivity. Further applications include drying tissue samples in the fields of cancer research and pathology, drying easily decomposable materials such as pigments, proteins, or vitamins, or drying seed materials such as cornmeal in order to eliminate moisture.


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JBC introduces the NEW SF Automatic Solder Feeder

Feed solder wire automatically from any position.

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has introduced the SF Automatic Solder Feeder, its latest technological innovation in hand soldering. The SF speeds up the soldering process and increase production efficiency.

This new solder feeder allows you to feed solder wire automatically from any position. You can easily configure parameters such as speed and length of the dispensed wireand monitor the consumption thanks to the integrated counters.


JBC SF Automatic Solder Feeder

JBC SF Automatic Solder Feeder

3 working modes

You can choose from continuous, discontinuous and programs mode. You can define up to 35 dynamic programs. In each one you can configure up to 3 steps with different length wire and dispensing speed. Execute them sequentially and cyclically with the concatenation option.

With V-Cut

The solder feeder features a small blade that perforates the solder wire down to the flux core while feeding it. This perforation process allows better flux flow and outgassing avoiding solder and flux splashing during the soldering process (also available without V-cut).

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic SF280-A Solder Feed Handle allows you to feed solder wire easily from any position. It is compatible with solder diameters of Ø 0.8 mm, 1mm & 1.5 mm. This means you can change the guide tube to suit your working needs.

Do you know where your flux is? We do!

With ECD’s Fluxometer®, ensuring flux is deposited precisely and uniformly becomes a simple task.  Why trust flux deposition to guesswork?   This easy-to-use tool confirms that the spray fluxer pattern is uniform and that top-side penetration is on target, resulting in reduced defects and a more efficient wave soldering process.

- Validate Performance – Delivers proof of a tuned spray fluxed.

- Reduce Scrap and Maximize Yield – Confirms flux uniformity and top-side penetration for defect reduction.

- Simple Operation – Fluxometer runs through the fluxer just like a PCB.

Want to know where your flux is?

Order Fluxometer® today and receive a special 25% discount on our standard width pallet (9", 12", 15" or 18"). Promo runs July 9 - 31.*

Please don't hesitate to contact the office for more information.

Southern Manufacturing Show – Great Success for Kaisertech

What a busy week Kaisertech had at the Southern Manufacturing show!!  From the minute the show opened, Kaisertech had people on their stand, many of whom were  interested in the full range of products on display which were Yamaha Pick & Place, Promass Coating and Dispensing, Hirox 3D Digital Microscope, JBC Soldering and Rework Range, Purex Fume Extraction Systems, Hios Drivers, Wave Soldering Pallets and many consumable products.

Particular interest was shown in the Yamaha Pick & Place machine which is new this year to Kaisertech.  The Hirox 3D Microscope also had a lot of interest from some unexpected customers across many industry areas!

Also at the show Kaisertech exhibited for the very first time in the UK the brand new Promass Conformal Coating machine which is capable of spray coating and dispensing.  The New JBC Soldering Iron which now has the added feature of  a USB port also got its debut showing on Kaisertech’s stand and has already generated new and exciting business.

As the show produced such a large number leads for Kaisertech, we have already re-booked for 2014 and will be exhibiting at their sister show, Northern Manufacturing 2013 in Manchester on the 2nd and 3rd October 2013.

Fume Extraction Systems – How much do you know?

It's important to start off with that local and international health and safety legislation (such as COSHH, NIOSHH, OSHA etc) states that it is the employers responsibility to protect the health, welfare and safety of their employees. Failure to do so can result in expensive legal action, potential fines and poor employee relations.

Fume Extraction - Whats The need?

Many types of dust and fume are hazardous to health if inhaled. People can become permanently sensitised to fumes which means that continued exposure, even to very small amounts of fume, may cause asthma attacks or other respiratory diseases.

A high performance fume extraction system will help to:-

-Protect employee health.

-Ensure compliance with Health & Safety regulations such as OSHA, NIOSH C.O.S.H.H, MAK, AFNOR, or equivalent.

-Increase production speeds.

-Reduce complaints by operators due to odours, dust and vapours.

-Avoid possible cost of health compensation claims.

Which Fume Extraction System?

These are usually two types of extraction system available:-

-External - pump contaminated air into the environment outside the building.

-Internal - at source capture and filtration or LEV (local exhaust ventillation) system.

In our opinion the best system to use is an LEV system such as a Purex. These capture fumes at the source thereby preventing fumes escaping into the workplace. They also filter hazardous particles and gasses which would otherwise be pumped into the outside environment causing pollution.

Using an internal filter system also avoids issues with environmental regulations and potential complaints from neighbouring businesses about fumes and odours.