Simco-Ion’s Top Gun Ionising Air Gun

Simco-Ion, is the world's largest manufacturer of static control products and has been providing complete solutions to electrostatic issues in a wide range of industries since 1936.  Simco-Ion’s comprehensive product line incorporates years of research, engineering, and field experience. You can be sure of receiving maximum performance and reliability.

One of our most popular Simco-Ion's products we sell here at Kaisertech is the Simco-Ion’s Top Gun Ionising Air Gun which is a high-performance ionising air gun designed for a wide variety of electronic manufacturing, medical and assembly applications. Balanced to 0±15V, the Top Gun features high blow-off force and low air consumption providing high efficiency cleaning and maximum static charge decay. A filter at the exit of the gun ensures that the air is clean.

-Lightweight, Ergonomic Design
-Flow Control Valve for Adjustable Airflow
-Electrically balanced ion output
-Integrated, Replaceable Filter-Nozzle
-Ionization Indicator Light

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