JBC NANT: The succesful Nano Station, now with two Soldering Irons

Following the success of the Nano Rework station, JBC has responded to requests from its customers with the launch of the NANT Nano Soldering station.

The Highest Precision in Soldering!

The NANT Nano Soldering station incorporates the same control unit than the NAST station but it comes with two nano soldering irons instead of tweezers. It is specially indicated for high precision jobs requiring more than one nano soldering iron working simultaneously.

The nano soldering irons are the best solution for very small-sized SMD components such as 0201 chips including those that require the use of a microscope.

 JBC's Nano tools are extremely light, comfortable and stand out for their shortest tip-to-grip distance. Despite its small size, they are able to provide up to 15W of power by using C105 cartridges.


The NANT Nano Soldering station also incorporates the latest developments of the NAST, since their control unit is the same. Click Here to see the easier tool placement or the new cleaning & extraction set.

Please contact for more information:

Email:[email protected]

Phone:+44 (0)23 8065 0065

New look and improved features on the Nano Rework station

JBC has recently launched the improved version of its highest precision station: NAST-B Nano Rework.

The new features of JBC's most unique station make the user's job easier, save time andincrease productivity:


Both tool holders feature a wider angle to facilitate placement of the tool.

The new anti-rotation clamp of the cable collectors avoids cable tangles or discomfort when working.


It consists of two cleaning stands with a splashguard and a cartridge extractor which allows a quick & safe cartridge change with one hand.

It is also possible to use different cleaning systems and organize the nano cartridges according to the job.

JBC Classic Series

The SL2020 and the SG1070 belong to the JBC Classic Series and have already had a great reception from customers in other countries now increasingly becoming more popular in the UK.

SL2020 Temperature Controlled Iron

This soldering pencil features a reliable temperature controller incorporated to the handle which is adjustable according to your needs.

SG1070 Gas Soldering Iron

This is the ideal solution to repair electronic applications when there is no electricity supply. You can adjust the temperature and use it in three different working modes:

- Soldering Iron: It provides up to 580ºC (1076ºF) and it works with 8 different tips.
- Hot Air Tool: It provides up to 625ºC (1157ºF) to work with SMDs or ICs plastics.
- Mini-blow Torch: Its maximum temp is 1300ºC (2372ºF) for soldering with silver alloys.