The NEW JBC DDE 2 Tool System

The new control unit manages up to 2 tools simultaneously. It offers full connectivity to any JBC soldering or desoldering tools.

It works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep & hibernation modes.

It features all the Excellence range benefits such as station customization, full control of soldering processes and remote work management.

The easy-to-use menu offers innovative functions to help you monitor the work in real time: graphics, partial counters, simultaneous control of ports, etc.

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New models of JBC cartridges, more soldering solutions.

The wide range of JBC cartridges has been extended with four new models. Three of them specially designed for soldering cables and connections.


 This is the bent version of the cartridge C245-061, which has a screwdriver shape.
Its geometry allows to reach components that the straight version can not.








C245-762 This is perfect to solder cables or cylindrical pieces up to Ø9mm.







C245-763 This is specially designed for soldering cables and connections up to Ø 2.5 mm. 
This model, similar to the current C245-760, joins to the special section of the C245 range.








It is perfect to solder cables of Ø1mm maximum.
It is also suitable to solder rows of pins of Ø1mm maximum up to a total length of 10mm (which is the width of the tip).








JBC NANT: The succesful Nano Station, now with two Soldering Irons

Following the success of the Nano Rework station, JBC has responded to requests from its customers with the launch of the NANT Nano Soldering station.

The Highest Precision in Soldering!

The NANT Nano Soldering station incorporates the same control unit than the NAST station but it comes with two nano soldering irons instead of tweezers. It is specially indicated for high precision jobs requiring more than one nano soldering iron working simultaneously.

The nano soldering irons are the best solution for very small-sized SMD components such as 0201 chips including those that require the use of a microscope.

 JBC's Nano tools are extremely light, comfortable and stand out for their shortest tip-to-grip distance. Despite its small size, they are able to provide up to 15W of power by using C105 cartridges.


The NANT Nano Soldering station also incorporates the latest developments of the NAST, since their control unit is the same. Click Here to see the easier tool placement or the new cleaning & extraction set.

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JBC Premium Soldering Line

JBC Premium stations are complete modular kits suggested by JBC that satisfy all your soldering or desoldering needs. They are designed for industrial and extensive use with the JBC exclusive heating system that increases work efficiency thanks to the fast temperature recovery.

The range includes different models,
from micro work with Nano station to the highest power requirements
ith the Heavy Duty station.

A great example of a Premium unit is DIR Precision Soldering station:

The DIR soldering station is designed for industrial precision solder-joints with medium power requirements.

It works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep and hibernation features.

Using the menu you can personalize over 20 parameters to help manage the soldering process.

The "B" version incorporates a USB connector (type B) to update station software and create graphs.

Although its DI control unit can be connected to any of JBC tools, the DIR station works with the

lightest and ergonomic T210-A handpiece and C210 cartridges.


JBC introduces 3 new models of cartridges

The wide range of JBC cartridges has been extended with C245-759, C245-760 and C470-042. Two of them, specially designed for soldering cables and connections.

C245-759It is a more stylized screwdriver cartridge than the current C245-741 because of its thinner and longer shape. Its geometry facilitates access to components in densely populated PCBs.


This is specially designed for soldering cables and connections up to 3.5 mm in diameter. This model, similar to the current C470-033, joins to the special section of the C245 tip range.

 C470-042It is a heavy-duty cartridge specially designed for soldering cables and connections up to 4.5 mm in diameter. This version features a second bridge that allows both elements to be heated more efficiently.

Which is the best system to clean the tips?

It depends on maintenance issues and on the technology of the soldering system. A wet sponge is an efficient system if it is kept clean and damp (not swamped), it is changed periodically and deionised water is used. The tip's temperature partially decreases during the contact with the wet sponge, but this could be a disadvantage only with older generations of soldering systems, where the iron does not have a very fast thermal response and it takes several seconds to recover the working temperature. The cleaning wire (brass) is an alternative to the sponge. It needs less maintenance and does not decrease the temperature of the tip, that's why some handsoldering producers with low thermal response prefer it. On the other hand, it releases some material residues which may fall on the PCBs if the holder is not protected. The stand of the brass should be heavy in order not to move during its use, otherwise the operator will need also the other hand to hold it. The metal brush is a more aggressive way to clean the tip, but if used gently cleans well the tip with minimal damage. The tip tinner / cleaner is a chemical method to clean and retin the tip at the same time. It should be used when above methods fail and a very active cleaning method is needed. There is also a new sand cleaning method from JBC: the tip must be entered inside a protected sand deposit and turned it around. This method is advisable when all else fails.

Fume Extraction Systems | Choosing the right system

Choosing the right Fume Extraction System may seem a daunting task as we all know there are health implications at risk, but in actual fact knowing some key features of the Kaisertech Fume Extraction range we have made this very simple for you. Below we will explain exactly how the systems work as well as advising the application each of the systems are designed to cater for.

Analogue or Digital Fume Extraction System?

It really depends on the application the fumes are being removed from or the number of people who are affected which will determine what type system you go for. The Purex ranges of Analogue Fume Extraction Systems are budget versions of the Digital Systems but with many excellent features and in principle work in exactly the same way.

Essentially, both Fume Extraction Systems have automatic closed loop flow control which ensures that the extraction rate remains constant. It does this by slowly increasing the speed of the blower as the filter begins to block, this overcomes the resistance to airflow through the filter and keeps the extraction rate constant.

When the particle filter is nearly blocked on the Analogue System the LED will turn yellow. This feature allows the operator time to acquire a replacement particle filter before the current one becomes completely blocked. When the particle filter is completely blocked then the LED will turn red and an alarm will sound.

With the Digital System when the particle filter is nearly blocked the fume extraction systems will warn the operator with an audible chime and the keypad will flash red. This feature allows the operator time to acquire a replacement particle filter before the current one becomes completely blocked. When the particle filter is completely blocked then the fume extraction system will chime and the keypad will flash every second. At this point the particle filter icon will flash to show which filters may need attention. Plus as an added measure of the Digital Fume Extractors include Gas and Particle Sensors to offer the user an additional level of Safety.

Both Fume Extraction Systems can be interfaced with other equipment such as a laser or wave soldering machine to stop the process, set off an alarm or perform another function such as turning on a beacon. Alarm signals can include:

-Filter blocked -Gas alarm -Particle alarm

The fume extractors can also STOP/START automatically with interfaced machines. Note; None of the above are available on FumeBuster products

Purex Analogue Fume Extraction Systems include:

Purex Fume Cube (single or twin arm)

FumeCube Single Arm

These are Arm Fume Extraction Systems for either 1 or 2 users. Filters are available for solder or chemical fume. Supplied with one 38mm stainless steel arm with pen nib nozzle which can be simply attached to the workbench by using a versatile clamp bracket. If the work area moves, the Fume-Cube can be relocated in minutes.

Purex Fume Buster – Was developed for the Kaisertech KT4 Fume Extraction Tray. For more information on this product please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Purex Digital Fume Extraction Systems include:

Purex System 200

System 200 - This machine can cater for, 3 x 38mm Arms, 2 x Cleancabs, 2 x Cowls, up to 30 Tips plus Inkjet Printers (Coding & Marking)

System 400 - This machine can cater for, 6 x 38mm Arms, 4 x Cleancabs, 4 x Cowls plus Inkjet Printers (Coding & Marking)

If you have any questions about the Fume Extraction Systems we can provide here at Kaisertech please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please contact for more information:
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Phone:+44 (0)23 8065 0065

Thinking of buying a soldering iron? Lets take a look at JBC Soldering Tools!

JBC Exclusive Heating System. The system recovers the tip’s temperature extremely fast. This increases the work efficiency and enables to low the solder temperature.

JBC heating system principles.- The compact element optimises heating transfer by reducing the thermal barriers.

- The fully integrated thermal sensor to the heater ensures the extremely quick temperature recovery.

- The intelligent algorithm used in the heating control system increase the performance.

JBC, the most efficient soldering process. -This innovative technology allow to reduce the temperature, at least 50ºC.

-Reducing the temperature, reduce the risk of damaging components and improves the quality of any soldering or desoldering job.