New Demonstration Room Now Complete

The new Kaisertech demonstration room is now complete with the New Yamaha YS12F Pick & Place machine being the main focal point. Before the room was finished the first demo Yamaha machine was sold and its replacement will arrive shortly.

Other items now in the demo room are JCB soldering and rework units, Purex fume extraction systems, Digital vision systems and microscopes and ESD protection stations.

Apart from on-going demonstrations, Kaisertech plan to hold the first seminar on the JBC range of products. This seminar will show how to use the JBC tools for rework of PBC, Tip care and JBC software.  Invitations will be going out shortly, however you can register on line your interest by using the ‘contact us’ tab on Kaisertech’s website and adding JBC seminar in the comments box.  Details of dates and times regarding the seminar will then be forwarded to you.

New Demonstration Room Near Completion

The builders have finished and the Yamaha YS12F Pick & Place machine has been moved into position ready to be commissioned in the next couple of days. Also a Promass PCB loader has arrived and will be commissioned along with the Yamaha YS12F Pick & Place.

Yamaha YS12F

Other items ready to be installed are the Purex SYS400 extraction unit, JBC Rework units and Meiji Vision Systems. Other items such as the Hirox 3D Digital Microscope will be on display later on in the year.

premiumOnce the demonstration room is open Kaisertech plan to arrange regular seminars and open days. Specialist   speakers will be invited to talk about various subjects and demonstrate the related equipment.

Purex System 200

It is anticipated that the first seminar will take place in June where a range of Yamaha assembly equipment and JBC rework equipment will be on show, and guest speakers from these companies will be attending to introduce and demonstrate their range.