HIOS BLG-5000 BC1-HT Electric Driver

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HIOS BLG-5000 BC1-HT Electric Driver

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Product Information:

  • Brushless motor for less maintenance, longer life and less pollution

  • New Two -way start, lever or push to start

  • Easy Torque adjustment

  • Auto shut off

  • Output Torque Range: Nm 0.5 - 2.0, lbf in 4.3 - 17, (kgf cm) (5 - 20)

  • Speed Hi 730 Low 490rpm

  • Screw Size: Small Screw Size 2.0 - 4.0mm Tapping Screws 2.0 - 3.0mm

  • Torque setting stepless

  • 1/4HEX

New Features To This Range

  • You can control the screw tightening count with one hand (1 to 99 screws). 

  • Faulty tightening can be detected (e.g., incomplete tightening, jamming, cam-out, stripped screw hole, etc.). 

  • A buzzer and LED warn pass/fail every time a screw is tightened. 

  • It prevents human errors in operations! Supports accurate screw tightening and reduces the operator's fatigue.

*For our wider range on Electric Screw Drivers please visits K:Industrial* 

View FileHios BLG Series Operation Manual    Size: (838.53 KB)
View FileBuilt-in Screw Counter Manual    Size: (283.7 KB)

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