Hirox RH-2000 3D Digital Microscope

Hirox RH-2000 3D Digital Microscope

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3D digital microscope with the latest cutting-edge technology

The RH-2000 has a number of new features from its predecessor, namely a CMOS camera, improved hardware and an elegant touchscreen interface.

This digital microscope captures HD quality video at 50fps.

Users can produce 3D images using the latest automated tiling and stacking technology.

Take measurements and readings including profiles and surface areas.

The RH-2000 supports a huge range of different lenses, filters and accessories for tailoring the microscope to a particular application.

New mounting system

Quick camera mounting as a result of the bayonet system.

Built in electrical connections for automatic lens and adapter selection.

Control of the rotation without additional cables.

High Intensity LED Lighting

The RH-2000's high-intensity LED light source offers true colour reproduction (5700K colour temperature) and 30,000 hours lifetime (approximately 14 years).

New sensor

The sophisticated CMOS sensor features improved light sensitivity and extremely low image noise.

Its resolution is higher than full HD (1920x1200), at a fast 50fps.

There is also a special 100 FPS mode available, though at half the usual resolution.

Fast USB connection - compatible with any PC

Connect your microscope to any Windows 7, 8 or 10, desktop or laptop via an ultra fast and universal USB3 connection up to 5Gb/s.

High quality observation

Ultra-fast auto-focus and multi-focus.

This digital microscope has a high dynamic range, saving the user time when optimising the captured image. With just one click, the HDR function adjusts the image with the perfect exposition.

2D measurements

With the RH-2000 it's possible to record accurate and calibrated measurements in real-time, including the length, area, angle, diameter or automatic surface area. 

Creating 3D models

When capturing 10 image planes, this can be easily displayed as a high-quality 3D model. The integrated stepping motor permits faster, smoother and more accurate scanning with 0.05µm/pulse precision and 30mm of automated travel. 

High quality optics

Every Hirox lens include high-performance zooming technology, together with high-grade built-in illumination and precision mechanisms.

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