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JBC PHBE-2A Convection Preheater

The PHBE features three work modes:

Power Mode allows working at a fixed power level with the option of using protection thermocouples.

Temperature Mode keeps the PCBA at a selected temperature, using the regulation thermocouple and, optionally, protection thermocouples.

Profile Mode allows control of the heating rate of the PBCA by the use of control and protection thermocouples, without exceeding the recommended limit levels in each application.

The equipment incorporates three recommended predefined profiles: 
- For 1.6mm PCB with 2 layers. 
- For 1.6mm PCB with 4-6 layers. 
- For 2.2mm PCB with 6 or more layers. 
In addition, it features 22 customizable profiles.

Up to four thermocouples can be connected which enable the operator to work in any of the three work modes.

It has two independent work zones which define a heating area of 180 x 277 or 360 x 277 mm (7.1 x 10.9 or 14.2 x 10.9 in) and works with convection technology.

With the software JBCSuite the preheater can be synchronized with other JBC hot-air, soldering as well as fume extractor equipment in order for them to work jointly and to perform your rework process optimally.

Product Composition:

- 1 x Console
- 1 x PH218 Thermocouple Type K
- 1 x PH217 Kapton tape

JBC PHBE-2A Convection Preheater

£2,210.00 (£2,652.00 inc VAT)
Delivery time varies on manufacturer; call for details
The JBC PHBE is the best solution for preheating big multilayer PCBAs with convection technology.

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