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Solder Fume Extraction

Find the ideal solder fume extraction equipment here at Kaisertech. We supply a wide variety of fume extraction solutions helping to protect the occupational health and safety of employees, improve productivity and ensuring a high-quality finish. The range includes industry leading manufacturers such as PUREX and AirBench Fume Extraction systems.

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Fume Extraction For Soldering

What Is Fume Extraction & Why Is It Important?
During the soldering process, there are a number of fumes that are released into the air as a result of the iron melting the solder wire. Without effective control of these fumes, employees are more than likely to breath these fumes into their lungs, often causing long term, and potentially fatal illnesses.

When completing soldering jobs it is strongly recommended to use a fume extraction or fume filtering system to avoid inhaling irritating and harmful smoke and fumes.

Kaisertech have the solution for this, with a wide array of soldering fume extractors and other relevant Downdraught bench products that can help to keep the air in your workspace clean and free from contaminants.

Prolonged exposure to soldering fumes is something that you should avoid. Several health hazards such as eye and throat irritation, asthma and some cancers can occur if the correct safety equipment is not used. Browse our range of fume extractors here and ensure that you have the correct maintenance strategy in place for your business!


Benefits Of A Fume Extractor

Create A Healthier Work Environment – By ensuring that the solder fumes are extracted from your work environment, you are helping to minimise the health risks to your workforce. Solder fumes have been proven to be a significant cause of asthma, with even small exposure to the fumes contributing to the illness. Using the right fume extracting system promotes a cleaner airflow that helps to reduce employee absences and safeguard yourself from potential harmful fume exposure.

Easy To Maintain Equipment – The fume extraction equipment you can purchase on our site is both easy to set up and easy to maintain. The most popular products are the benchtop fume extractors, which are portable, and some can even cater to multiple users at once. When the filters need changing there is only a couple of easy steps that need to be followed, making the equipment incredibly quick and easy to maintain. For more on fume extraction filters visit our page here.

Compliance With HSE Standards – There are particular standards that your business needs to maintain should you be working with applications that produce fumes. The right fume extracting equipment for soldering, helps you to meet these standards, keeping your employees happy that you have their wellbeing in mind. For more information read the government HSE advice here.


Which Unit Should  I Choose?
The soldering fume extracting equipment that suits you best will largely depend on the size or your work space and the volume of fumes that need to be extracted.

Kaisertech provides a comprehensive range of Fume Extraction solutions including:

  • Soldering Tip Extraction
  • Cowl Systems
  • Downdraught Benches
  • Inspection Booths
  • Arm Extraction

You will require a desktop fume extractor for soldering work typically. The main benefits of these units are that they are lightweight and easily portable.

For more heavier industrial applications, workbench solutions or inspection booths are the most appropriate option. These can be in almost constant operation and perfect for larger rooms where fume extraction is needed.


Common Work That Requires Fume Extraction
You should be using a fume extractors in any application that creates smoke or hazardous vapours. Particularly in terms of soldering, this would include works such as:

  • Industrial soldering works
  • Rework Soldering
  • Desoldering Process

There are also a number of other electronic and manufacturing work that would also benefit from fume extraction equipment. These types of work includes:

  • Welding Work
  • 3D Printing
  • Grinding
  • Painting & Plastering