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Vision Engineering EVO Cam HD Digital Microscope


Vision Engineering EVO Cam HD Digital Microscope

A High Performance Digital Microscope that Delivers Stunning HD Magnification

This full HD digital microscope routinely delivers inspection and magnification in striking detail. Yet despite its high level of performance, it remains an ideal solution for users of varying abilities and experience.

Product features:

  • The EVO Cam captures full-HD (1080p / 60fps) images and video.
  • Powerful 300x magnification.
  • 30:1 optical zoom.
  • Full auto focus to guarantee ultra-sharp imaging..

Stand options

The modular design of the Vision Engineering EVO Cam allows the user to choose from a variety of different stand options, illumination and accessories.

A digital microscope that delivers unrivalled clarity

With a vast array of objective lens options, the range of magnification options offered by this digital microscope ensures high-quality image and video capture producing unrivalled levels of detail and clarity. The images below demonstrate the sharpness of the EVO cam’s magnification.

High defintion image capture using the Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope This image still was captured at x14.8 magnification using the Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope The Vision Engineering EVO Cam digital microscope consistently delivers sharp imaging Even at x151.1 magnification, there is no compromise in the clarity of capture, consistently delivering ultra-sharp imaging.

More Information
General Specifications

To discuss your particular requirements in further detail please contact us.

Objective lenses

A range of objective lens options ensure stunning results for any application, whether for high magnification, high precision work, or for manipulation, re-work, or assembly tasks requiring an extra-long working distance.

Precision objective lenses

Ultra-high resolution and contrast, optimized for precision magnification work, with anti-reflective coating and 52mm filter thread.

Precision objective lenses
Objective lens0.45x0.62x1.0x
Magnification zoom range*4.0x - 69x (135x)**5.5x - 93x (184)**8.9x - 150x (300x)**
Working distance6.93” (176mm)5.04" (128mm)2.95" (75mm)
Field of view at min. zoom5.28” x 2.95” (134mm x 75mm)3.74” x 2.09” (95mm x 53mm)2.17” x 1.22” (55mm x 31mm)
Field of view at max. zoom0.32”X 0.18” (8.0mm x 4.5mm),
0.16” x 0.09”** (4.0mm x 2.2mm)**
0.22” x 0.13” (5.7mm x 3.2mm),
0.11” x 0.06”** (2.8mm x 1.6mm)**
0.13” x 0.08” (3.3mm x 1.9mm),
0.06” x 0.04”**,(1.6mm x 0.9mm)**

* with 25” monitor
** with 2x digital zoom

Wide-field objective lenses

Wide field of view, suited for larger subjects. An extra-long working distance provides maximum flexibility, with anti-reflective coating and 52mm filter thread.

Wide-field objective lenses
Objective lens4 dioptre5 dioptre
Magnification zoom range*1.9x - 53x (106x)**2.4x - 65x (130x)**
Working distance9.84” (250mm)7.87” (200mm)
Field of view at min. zoom11.6” x 6.77” (295mm x 172mm)9.21” x 5.39” (234mm x 137mm)
Field of view at max. zoom0.41” x 0.23” (10.3mm x 5.8mm),
0.20” x 0.11”** (5.1mm x 2.9mm)**
0.32” x 0.18” (8.2mm x 4.6mm),
0.16” x 0.09”** (4.1mm x 2.3mm)

* with 25” monitor
** with 2x digital zoom


Leading specification optical performance makes EVO Cam a supremely powerful imaging solution.

Camera data
Camera zoom30x optical; 2x digital
Camera resolutionFull-HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080, 1/2.8" CMOS
Frame rate60fps
FocusAuto focus and manual focus
OutputHDMI out
Saved file type.bmp



  • Integral 8-point LED ringlight ensures optimum shadow-free illumination for all applications. Color temperature 5500K.
  • Transmitted substage illumination (option) permits viewing of a wider range of sample types.

EVO Cam on-board controls

  • Zoom in/out
  • Ringlight illumination control
  • Secondary illumination control, e.g. transmitted substage illuminator (if fitted)
  • Image capture
  • Overview mode
  • Focus: Auto/manual
  • White balance: Auto/manual
  • Image brightness
  • Infra-red filter: On/off
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Visual Enhancement (VE) modes
  • On-screen display: On/off (to display magnification)
  • Crosshair: On/off; Long/short; Crosshair colour
  • Date and time stamp in captured images
  • Imperial/metric units
  • Sound on/off

Remote control console

All EVO Cam on-board controls can be accessed via the remote control console option. Additional functionality of the remote control console option includes:

  • Memory mode: Save setting; Recall settings
  • Display control: Normal; Grid view mode; Cursor measurement mode
  • Calibration
  • On-screen measurement (using Grid and Cursor modes)
  • Exposure: Auto/manual
  • Gain control
  • Iris control
  • Color: Full color; High contrast black & white

Power supply

  • Standard power 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, available in all worldwide plug configurations.


Multi-axis stand

EVO Cam Multi-axis stand dimensions
  • A = 17.9” (455mm), 7.24"*(184mm*)
  • B = 25” x 32.7” (635mm, 830mm**)
  • C = 27.2” (691mm) max.
  • D = 11.00” (279mm) max. (less working distance)
  • E = 17.3” (439mm) max.

    * without platform base. 
    ** maximum depth with arm overhang.

Ergo stand

EVO Cam Bench stand dimensions
  • A = 11.00” (280mm)
  • B = 16.5” (420mm)
  • C = 20.3” (515mm)
  • D = 7.56” (192mm) max. (less working distance)
  • E = 7.87” (200mm)

Double-arm boom stand

EVO Cam Double-arm boom stand dimensions
  • A = 9.84” (250mm), 6.61”*(168mm*)
  • B = 33.0” (827mm)
  • C = 21.4” (543mm), 16.7”* (424mm*)
  • D = 13.1” (334mm), 9.13”* (232mm*) max. (less working distance)
  • E = 25.8" (655mm) max.

    * without platform base.

Single-arm boom stand

EVO Cam Single-arm boom stand dimensions
  • A = 10.9” (278mm)
  • B = 23.1” – 24.6” (587mm - 625mm)
  • C = 19.1” (485mm)
  • D = 8.66” (220mm) max. (less working distance)
  • E = 16.9” (430mm) max.

Articulated arm stand

EVO Cam Articulated arm stand dimensions
  • A = 6.61” (168mm)
  • B = 44.9” (1140mm) max.
  • C = 32.0” (812mm) max.
  • D = 20.4” (519mm) max. (less working distance)
  • E = 32.0” (812mm) max.
  • F = 12.0” (305mm) (removable)

Bench stand

EVO Cam Bench stand dimensions
  • A = 9.45” (240mm)
  • B = 11.2” (285mm)
  • C = 13.4” (340mm)
  • D = 4.61” (117mm) max.
  • E = 3.35” (85mm)
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