LUXO KFM LED ESD 3.0D Magnifier

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3.0 dioptre, 3-pivot K-arm 1050mm radius, LED semicircle dimmable 11W, black.

Features include:
• Good, better and best product line up
• 3-pivot, spring-balanced arm with internal springs
• Innovative, spring-balanced omni directional head to arm joints (shadeneck)
• High performance Crown Glass or standard quality lenses
• Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) options
• UV light source versions
• 5 year warranty

Feature overview:
• Fully enclosed spring-balanced arm
• Enclosed shade-neck design
• Large superior crown glass lens

• ESD, UV and ESD UV versions
• Independent Left / Right LED illumination control
• Spring-balanced arm with enclosed shade-neck

• ESD version
• Spring-balanced arm with enclosed shade-neck
• Superior crown glass lens

• 3.0 and 5.0 Dioptre
• Spring-balanced arm
• LED illumination with 50,000 hours

Key advantages:

• One handed ‘Move and stay’ operation.

• Superior range of movement.

• Excellent image quality, minimal distortion and adaptable illumination.

• ESD and UV versions for specialist applications.

Spring balanced arm: The spring-balanced arm works using springs that replicate the principle of human arm muscles. The unique balancing system allows quick efficient positioning without the need for stability knob tightening.

Shade neck (The head to arm joint): The combination of arm and head movements determines the degree of flexibility in a magnifier. The ability to position the head onehanded, without the need for knob tightening, increases efficient, convenient working.

• Horizontal side-to-side movement (yaw)

• Up and down movement (tilt)

• Rotation around a horizontal axis (roll)

Illumination: The illuminated magnifiers are not just magnifiers with light, but powerful illuminators with excellent light output and good colour rendering capabilities.

• Excellent bright and warm light

• Fully adjustable and dimmable

• LED 50,000 hour life span

• Shadow-free circular light sources

• 3D lighting aids depth perception (Wave LED models)

Superior crown glass: The superior crown lens provides not only excellent clarity of the image, without distortion, but also superb resolution, colour acuity and colour rendition.

Electro Static Dissipative (ESD): Allow Vision Luxo Wave and KFM magnifiers to be used in electro static sensitive applications. Typically in areas of electronics where components and boards need to protected against uncontrolled static discharges.

Lighting: Ring lighting provides a bright clear image where shadows are virtually illuminated. This is very good for detailed observations.

Two light sources: provide the opportunity for virtually shadow free viewing. Different brightness for each side provides the additional benefit of enhancing the 3D nature of raised subjects.

Magnification: The convention is to express magnignification for bench magnifiers, eyeglasses and telescopes in DIOPTRES. Magnification for micrsocopes and digital viewers in express as REAL MAGNIFICATION. It is important to understand the difference

Dioptre: Dioptre is an optical term referring to the refractive index (light bending) capacity of a lens. Each dioptre increases magnification by 25%.

Real Magnification: Magnification is the process of enlarging something only in appearance, not in physical size. The degree to which a viewed object is enlarged is expressed as a percentage or by the symbol X. 100% magnification = 1X magnification.

Focal length: Focal length is the distance from the center of the lens to the viewed object when in focus. As magnification increases, the focal length decreases.

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General Specifications

Dioptre 3dioptre
Lens Size 127mm
Maximum Reach 1050mm
Lamp Type LED
Lamp Wattage 11W
Operating Voltage 230V ac
Lens Diameter 127mm
Model Number p KFM ESD
Plug Type Type C - European Plug, Type G - British 3-pin

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