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JBC`s Hot Air stations use jointly extractors and hot air for fast and quick desoldering.
Extractors protect surrounding components by concentrating heat on the component to be desoldered.
The following models are supplied with JT-B Premium Hot Air station and TE-B Precision Hot Air station: E2052, E2064 and E2184.


Protectors are the perfect accessory to ensure the best result in any desoldering job.
They concentrate the heat in the desired area and protect adjacent components.
The protector must fit the size of the component to be desoldered and works perfectly with a tripod.
The JBC range features different shapes and sizes.
The following models are supplied with the JT-B and TE-B stations: P2220, P2235, P4000, P2230, P4010.


The JBC Hot Air stations use jointly protectors and tripods for a faster and more comfortable desoldering job.
Tripods allow the user to remove the desoldered component easily.

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