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Vision Engineerings Makrolite 4K - Digital Microscope


Vision Engineering’s Makrolite 4K is a powerful imaging solution for any challenging inspection requirement. The system provides high quality 4K video imagery with a wide dynamic range of up to 330x.

The Makrolite 4K is simple and easy to use, delivering a versatile and powerful performance. With a wide and dynamic range of 4K resolution, it is perfect for reflective subjects such as solder joints.

There are a wide range of industries that the Makrolite is suitable for, including:

  • Micro Assembly
  • Life Sciences
  • Lab & Production research
  • R&D
  • Quality Control
  • Many More….



Features Of The Makrolite 4K

Outstanding Image Detail
Sharp Real-Time 4K Video
Quick & Easy To Use
Ideal For Challenging Subjects
Fast Defect Detection
Annotation & Calibrated Measurement Software
Fast Data Sharing



Benefits Of Using The Makrolite 4K

Supreme Image Quality – The Makrolite 4K allows for inspection, measurement, capture and sharing in real time, with 4K video without image delay. 20:1 optical zoom allows you to get closer to your subjects with up to 330x magnification!

4K Resolution – The resolution of the Makrolite 4K is 4 times greater than that of full HD. This way you see your subjects in clearer and finer detail, improving both your accuracy and productivity. Say goodbye to bad sample quality!

Wide Dynamic Range – Take advantage of the wide dynamic range, seeing bright and shadowed areas in crystal clear detail. The Makrolite 4K is perfectly suited for viewing soldering joints with high contrast even at high magnifications!

Versions (console or PC)

Console System

For both your convenience and security where no additional computer is needed for your ultra high resolution inspection. Easy to connect to a monitor for live viewing, with full control of zoom and camera settings with the console controller.

PC Based System

For extended functionality, this comes with software for full camera control, measurement, annotations, reporting, analysis, focus stacking and more. Store saved calibration files for fast deployment.

Stands Available For Makrolite 4K

There are a number of stand combinations available for the Makrolite 4K. So no matter what your application requirements are, there is a stand that perfectly meets your needs.

Makrolite Ergo Stand

Ergo Stand

  • Small footprint with exceptional stability
  • Available with floating stage option
Makrolite Bench Stand

Bench Stand

  • Compact, high stability, small footprint
  • Integrated intensity adjustment for oblique & sub-stage lighting
Makrolite Single Arm Stand

Single Arm Stand

  • Perfect for larger components
  • Stable platform with base or attached directly to work surface
  • Perfect freedom of movement
Makrolite Double  Arm Stand

Double Arm Stand

  • For applications requiring greater reach without compromising stability
  • Simple to adjust for precise positioning
  • Comes with either base or clamp to attach to work surface
Makrolite Multi-Axis Stand

Multi-axis Stand

  • Precise & robust
  • Perfect for industrial applications requiring maximum workspace
  • Integrated gas strut for quick and effortless adjustment
  • Extended reach of 439mm
More Information
General Specifications
Camera Data
Sensor CMOS 1/2, 5” 8.51 mega pixels
Image Ultra HD 2160p (3840 x 2160)
Focus Autofocus or manual focus
Camera Output 4K 2160p/30fps
Camera Output (PC) 4K 2160p/30fps on the PCI Express card


PC Requirements
Operating System Windows 10
Processor i7 or later version, 3GHz
Graphics Graphics card with HDMI 2.0 or Higher
Memory 8GB of RAM or More
Scalability Slot for additional x4 or x8 PCI express card


Other Available Accessories
4K Image & Video Recorder For Condole Configuration
Floating Stage For smooth & precise control. Use with Ergo & Bench Stands only
Tilting Stage For manipulation and angled orientation of subjects
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Customer Questions
Can The Makrolite 4K Be Used For Both Mark-up & Measurement?

This can be achieved by using the PC version of the Makrolite 4k. Within the software for the PC, there is a full suite of measurement tools.

Can You Capture & Record 4K Images/Videos With The Makrolite 4K?

Yes, this is included as standard with the PC version. With the console version of the Makrolite you will need the 4K video recorder accessory. Mention this to our team for this to be built into any quote requests.

What Screens Can Be Used With The Makrolite?

You can couple your own standard 4K screen with the Makrolite. Common screen sizes to be used with the Makrolite range from 15” to 28” monitors.

Can My Own PC Be Used With The Makrolite 4K?

We always recommend that you purchase the PC with your Makrolite, as this comes preinstalled with the 4K capture card. However, should you wish to source your own, speak with one of our team, who can provide you with the required specifications.

What Is Required To Operate The Makrolite 4K?

For typical use of this unit you will require the following: An objective lens, a stand, a 4K monitor.

If you are planning on using the PC version you will also require a PC that has a 4K capture card and ViPlus software to operate with the Makrolite.

The following is included with the Makrolite 4K purchase as standard: Makrolite 4K camera, ring-light, console, cables (PSU, HDMI, micro-USB), and a users guide.

Does The Makrolite 4K Have A Sub-Stage Lighting Option?

Yes, this is a standard feature on the bench stand, including dimmer control.

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