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Solder Pot For Use With Soldering Station

What Is A Solder Bath?
A solder bath (or solder pot) is a temperature controlled pot or tank that is used to tin both wires and soldering tips. To help with this task, the solder pots come with flared lips, ideal for tinning. Solder bath


Safety Precautions When Using A Solder Bath
Like with all soldering equipment, there are a variety of safety precautions that we advise you to take into consideration. Careless use of soldering equipment can lead to nasty burn injuries that are never ideal. Carefully consider taking the following advice when using your solder bath or pot:

  • Ensure that the correct safety goggles are worn when operating the solder bath. Molten solder can spit and harm the operator if the right kind of PPE is not worn. Find our supply of eye protection here.
  • The Quick solder pots that we sell are designed for lead free soldering. We highly advise that this practice is adhered to when using these solder baths as lead soldering can lead to the release of harmful and toxic fumes.
  • When using a solder bath, it is good practice to ensure that you combine it with the appropriate fume extracting equipment. This minimises the potential harm from any lingering solder fumes. You can find our range of top of the line fume extractors here.


Why Should I Tin My Soldering Tips?
There are many advantages to tinning your solder tips with a solder bath. When the tip to your solder cartridge is tinned you are stopping them from becoming oxidized. The tinned tip essentially creates a protective layer that shields the iron from the air.

Iron takes no time at all to oxidise, and once the oxidation has set in the solder tip can have problems transferring heat as efficiently as it once did.

Tinning your solder cartridges will extend the life of your tips and help to make your soldering experience smoother and easier.


How To Use A Solder Pot:
Step 1 – Turn on the solder pot, ensuring it is switched on to the maximum setting. Add solder to the bath until it just about looks as though it will spill from the edges. It is highly advised that you have prepared the appropriate fume extracting equipment as this process will cause fumes that can be harmful.

Step 2 – You want to ensure that the temperature of the solder is at an optimal level. The solder baths that we sell can be calibrated digitally to ensure accurate and stable temperature control.

Step 3 – Wipe either your wires or solder tips with a rag before immediately dipping them into the flux and solder. Make sure that you only tin the tips and not the insulation otherwise it will burn. Ensure you keep it still for around 10 seconds once taken out of the solder, giving time for the solder to cool. Doing this will help to avoid splattered solder, which can lead to significant burn injuries.