Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinets

It is vital that employers and employees comply with the control of hazardous substances in all working environments. This range of cupboards and cabinets enables the separate storage and transportation of hazardous substances as demanded by the CoSHH regulations.

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COSHH Cabinets

Why Would You Need A Hazardous Substance Cabinet?
If you operate in a business that uses potentially harmful chemicals, you must comply to certain health and safety regulations. Particularly in this case the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). Our hazardous storage cabinets are essential in ensuring the safe storage of chemicals such as acids, alkalis and other solvents.


What Is A Yellow COSHH Cabinet?
As a rule of thumb, yellow COSHH cabinets as normally used to store flammable chemicals. You should ensure that flammable items are not stored in the same cabinet as other items that could accelerate any fire.

Our COSHH cupboards are designed to act as a physical barrier that stalls the acceleration of a fire. This gives employees and visitors time to evacuate the building.


What Is The Construction Of A Hazardous Storage Cabinet?
These cabinets are constructed and designed to comply directly with the COSHH standards your business needs. Made from a strong and durable metal, these COSHH cupboards are perfect for almost all workplace environments.

  • All of our cupboards have “no snag” handles, which enable 2-point locking for secure closing.
  • Helves have supreme spill management control, with adjustable spill-retainment features.
  • Liquid tight sump that encourages spills to be handled correctly through the use of absorbents.
  • Clear display signs with appropriate labeling to help identify which hazardous substance is in the COSHH cabinet.


Keep Your Workspace Compliant with COSHH Through Hazardous Cupboards
Our offering of hazardous storage cupboards and cabinets ensures that you can remain COSHH compliant no matter the industry. We offer 4 sizes of yellow COSHH cabinets, meaning there is a size that will fit into your workspace!

To keep your business compliant with COSHH all our cabinets:

  • Are appropriately signed.
  • Enable a controlled method of entry.
  • Allow certain chemicals to be stored separately.