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Product name Brand Price
Kaisertech Cantilever ESD Workbench Kaisertech Cantilever Industrial ESD Table Kaisertech Call for price
ESD Classic Industrial Table Kaisertech Classic Industrial ESD Table Kaisertech Call for price
Anti Vibration Bench Kaisertech ANTI-VIBRATION Workbench Kaisertech Call for price
Classic ESD Workstation Kaisertech Classic ESD Workbench
Kaisertech Call for price
Kaisertech PREMIUM ESD Workbench Kaisertech PREMIUM ESD Workstation Kaisertech Call for price
Kaisertech PREMIUM ESD Electrically Adjustable Workstation Kaisertech PREMIUM ESD Electrically Adjustable Workstation Kaisertech Call for price
Classic Corner Module Kaisertech Classic Corner Unit Kaisertech Call for price
Extension Unit For Classic ESD Benches Kaisertech Extension Unit For Classic ESD Benches Kaisertech Call for price
Cantilever Premium ESD Workbench Corner Module Kaisertech PREMIUM Corner Module Kaisertech Call for price
Moveable ESD workstation - Upright Kaisertech MOVABLE ESD Upright Frame Workstation Kaisertech Call for price
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16 Products

Kaisertech ESD Workbenches

Our ESD workbenches are designed to provide an optimal height of table tops and shelves, which are equipped with a set of essential accessories. A well-thought-out design imposes the correct adjustment and positioning of your equipment. A workplace station, where all tools are within the user’s immediate reach, is a great benefit for the company, saving time and ensuring safety and order.

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ESD Workbenches From Kaisertech

What Is An ESD Bench?
When the work you carry out involves electrical components, ensuring that you create an ESD safe workstation is vital. They help to maintain an ESD protected environment by having a surface that is static dissipative. This protects materials, electronic parts and your employees from electrostatic discharge.

What Type Of Benches Are Available?
The Kaisertech brand of ESD benches come in a variety of different forms. Each catering to a different production needs, below are the following options you can choose from with the Kaisertech brand:

Classic ESD Workbench – The classic style is a tried and trusted design that perfectly suits many workshop and production line settings. With interchangeable units, the smart modular design means that you can craft the bench to fit your needs. Perfect bench for seated work, it can cater for loads of up to 300kg.

Cantilever Bench – Being both ergonomic and modular in design, these benches are crafted to handle heavy loads of up to 600kg. Cantilever benches are constructed to provide maximum leg room, often combined with electric height adjustment, enabling your bench to cater to different production needs.

Upright Frame – Smaller, compact units that are often mounted on wheels or casters that allow for easy adaptability in the workplace. This portability makes this bench a great option for work environments that need to constantly adapt to meet varied production requirements.

Corner ESD Tables – Linking together two premium tables, these corner benches make more efficient use of the space you have.


Key Benefits Of A Kaisertech ESD Workbench

Modularity – Their modular design means that you really can craft the bench exactly to your needs. With a wide array of accessories, meaning you can kit out fully kit out your workbench. This boosts your productivity and allows flexibility for future production line optimisation.

ESD Safe – Our benches are perfectly suited to safely discharge any static electricity that may be produced at the workstation. This way you can limit the damage caused to components that are being used during the work process. Investing in an ESD safe bench is the

Wide Range Of Sizes – With an extensive range of sizes, we have the solution to cater to any industrial workbench needs. Whether you are setting up a new workshop or need an ESD bench to fit into an existing production line, the ESD workbenches from Kaisertech are perfectly adjustable for industrial use.

Many Available Accessories – All the benches in the Kaisertech range can fit a many custom built accessories, adding the finishing touches to your ESD workbench. From storage additions down to comfort accessories, through our catalogue you can piece together a bespoke unit. You can browse through the Kaisertech ESD workstation accessories here!


Applications For ESD Workbenches

ESD industrial furniture is perfectly suited to a number of settings. These include:

  • Industrial Settings – Many settings from the electronics industry (in EPAs), medicine, pharmaceuticals, heavy industrial work and more.
  • Commercial Activities – Warehouses for distribution and other purposes, exhibitions, archives.
  • R&D centres – Labs and other educational centres.
  • Research institutions – Training rooms, lecture halls, offices.


Why Choose Kaisertech For To Provide Your ESD Workstation?
When you decide to use Kaisertech to supply your ESD workbench, we don’t settle at simply supplying you with the bench. We love to be heavily involved in helping you create the most ergonomic and bespoke work environment, helping you to be productive and ESD safe.

From piecing together concepts, to delivering the finished product. Contact our team today on 023 8065 0060, and piece together your custom designed ESD workstation!

Choosing Your Custom ESD Workbench

Take a read of our buyers guide for choosing your custom ESD workbench. See the range of attachments and accessories that you can kit out your workbench with.

Featured ESD Benches