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Lynx EVO Ergonomic Stereo Zoom Microscope

The Lynx EVO is an advanced stereo microscope, perfect for intricate tasks that require high-resolution 3D stereo viewing. It delivers stunning optical performance with unrivalled ergonomics to further power your productivity. Key features include:

  • 6x - 60x magnification (240x max.)
  • Superior ergonomics improves accuracy and reduces errors
  • Dynascope® stereo optics provide amazing 3D viewing

The modular design of the Lynx EVO allows for the easy addition of accessories, including integrated HD image capture and perfect 360° rotating viewer.

One of the main benefits of the Lynx EVO is the ergonomic advantage it has over other stereo microscopes on the market. With the increase in head movement and eye relief, the Lynx EVO is unrivalled.

The unique patented eyepiece-less optics of Lynx EVO liberates users from restrictive working practices, opening up a world of enhanced efficiency through unrivalled ease of use and ergonomic performance.

Dynascope® eyepiece-less technology makes Lynx EVO naturally ergonomic, allowing eyes and hands to work together, simplifying precision inspection tasks.

Removing the need for microscope eyepieces also provides fatigue-free operation, providing health benefits to the operator as well as productivity improvements to the business.

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Why Use The Lynx EVO Cam?

  • Stunning eyepiece-less 3D (stereo) imaging.
  • Superior ergonomics eliminates fatigue, promoting greater productivity and efficiency.
  • 10:1 zoom ratio provides 6x - 60x magnification range (240x max) with coarse and fine adjustment, along with indexing lever.
  • Integrated HD camera and software (option) for simple image/video capture and annotation.
  • Long working distance for easy sample manipulation. Large depth of focus for viewing sample details.
  • Dynascope® optical technology provides superb hand-to-eye coordination for manipulation tasks.
  • Flexible stand options, ideal for industrial and life science applications.




Features & Advantages Of The Lynx EVO


Stunning 3D Imagery

The Lynx EVO boasts stunning 3D imagery and an ergonomic lens to reduce worker fatigue. Vision Engineering’s patented eyepiece-less view allows the user to move within the optical path, effectively looking around the subject, enhancing the 3D view and depth perception of the subject.


Natural Subject View

The Lynx EVO allows users to sit back from the viewer, providing natural viewing of your subject with reduced eye fatigue. This way ambient light is allowed into your eyes, reducing the constant opening, and closing of your pupils.


Protection From Sample Contamination

There is no need for contact between the user and the eyepiece, meaning the Lynx EVO is kept clean. This aids in preventing cross contamination that can affect sensitive samples in what needs to be a clean and sterile environment.


Ergonomics Of Lynx EVO


Ergonomic Working Position

Be more comfortable and suffer less fatigue, thanks to the Lynx EVO’s ergonomic working position. Happy workers are productive workers, by minimising the risk of repetitive strain-related injuries!


Ability To Wear Glasses When Viewing

There is no need to remove your glasses or safety goggles when working with the Lynx EVO. There is a comfortable fit when viewing, with the possibility of even storing the Lynx EVO in a laminar flow or safety cabinet.


Freedom Of Head Movement

There is no need to align your eyes directly with the viewing lens. This creates freedom of head movement, and thus plays a further part in helping to eliminate neck and back strains. This is a common gripe that can be associated with most other binocular stereo microscopes.


Simple Hand Eye Co-Ordination

With the Lynx EVO, your peripheral vision is improved dramatically, thanks to your working position being sat back from the viewing lens. This allows for natural hand-eye co-ordination, perfect for precision inspection, rework, repair, and dissection applications.



Stand Options For The Lynx EVO

Ergo Stand For Lynx EVO
Ergo Stand
  • Small footprint, ideal for workspaces with restricted bench space.
  • High stability for use with high magnification.
Multi-Axis Stand For Lynx EVO
Multi-Axis Stand
  • Precise & robust. Perfect for industrial applications that need to maximise their workspace.
  • Extended reach permitting a large working distance (reach depth of up to 439mm).
  • Integrated gas strut, enabling counterbalanced adjustability, aiding in a quick and effortless operation. Tall and flat samples can be switched between with ease.
  • Available with platform base or mounted directly onto your work surface.




Accessories For Lynx EVO Stereo Microscope

Floating Stage



Use with the Ergo Stand only. Provides smooth and precise control. Ideal for checking uniformity of components or scaling and measuring subjects.

Objective Lenses
Vision Engineering Objectives



Extensive range of objective lenses available, ensuring you have the desired magnification range for your application. They incorporate an anti-reflection coating, which enhances imaging performance.

360° Rotating View
Rotating View For Lynx EVO



The ultimate inspection accessory! Permits a full 360° rotating view of your subject (angled at 34°). Switch between rotating and conventional views effortlessly.

Transmitted Illumination
Transmitted Illumination For Lynx EVO



Permits viewing of a wider range of sample types. It provides the use with the flexibility to view transparent samples by transmitted as well as incident light.

Reticle For Lynx EVO



Allows for quick and simple dimensioning of components and samples that are being inspected. Custom reticles are available upon request.

SmartCam/ SmartCam 5
Smartcam/ Smartcam 5 For Lynx EVO



Easy and convenient HD image & video capture, whilst retaining both optical paths for simultaneous stereo viewing. The software supplied also caters for easy annotation and mark-up capability.

Multiplier For Lynx EVO



Increases the magnification & zoom by a factor of 1.5x or 2.0x, significantly enhancing the magnification capabilities without compromising the working distance.



Software Options

ViCapture Image & video capture (supplied with camera)
DimensionOne Image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement.
DimensionTwo Image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control.
VifoxEVO Image capture, analysis, enhancement, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control, reporting.
ViPlus Image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control, reporting.


More Information
General Specifications


Objective lens Zoom range Working distance
0.45x 2.7x - 27x 176mm
0.62x 3.7x - 37x 128mm
1.0x 6x - 60x 75mm
1.5x 9x - 90x 42mm
2.0x 12x - 120x 29mm


Objective lens Field of view
  at min. zoom at max. zoom
0.45x 55mm 5.5mm
0.62x 40mm 4.0mm
1.0x 25mm 2.5mm
1.5x 16mm 1.6mm
2.0x 12mm 1.2mm


With 1.5x multiplier

Objective lens Zoom range1 Working distance
0.45x 2.7x - 27x 176mm
0.62x 3.7x - 55x 128mm
1.0x 6x - 90x 75mm
1.5x 9x - 135x 42mm
2.0x 12x - 180x 29mm

1Maximum permissible range with multiplier disengaged/engaged

Objective lens Field of view
  at min. zoom2 at max. zoom
0.45x 55mm 3.7mm
0.62x 40mm 2.7mm
1.0x 25mm 1.7mm
1.5x 16mm 1.1mm
2.0x 12mm 0.8mm

2 multiplier disengaged


With 2.0x multiplier

Objective lens Zoom range1 Working distance
0.45x 2.7x - 54x 176mm
0.62x 3.7x - 74x 128mm
1.0x 6x - 120x 75mm
1.5x 9x - 180x 42mm
2.0x 12x - 240x 29mm

1 Maximum permissible range with multiplier disengaged/engaged

Objective lens Field of view
  at min. zoom1 at max. zoom2
0.45x 55mm 2.7mm
0.62x 40mm 2.0mm
1.0x 25mm 1.2mm
1.5x 16mm 0.8mm
2.0x 12mm 0.6mm

2 Multiplier disengaged


Smart Cam camera data (option)

Image capture and documentation is possible with Lynx EVO when used with the Smart Cam camera module.

Camera data  
Sensor type CMOS
Resolution (H x W) 1600 x 1200 pixels
Sensor size 1/3"
Pixel size 2.8µm
Colour depth 8-bit
Refresh rate (fps) 18.3 fps max.
File formats BMP, JPG, PNG, AVI
Supplied software uEye Cockpit
(other solutions available)
Software upgrade DimensionOne™ for addition capabilities and on-screen measurement

360° rotating viewer (option)

360° rotating view  
Zoom range 4.2x (16x*) - 42x
Working distance 35.5mm
Field of view at min. zoom 10.2mm*
Field of view at max. zoom 3.8mm
Viewing angle 34° from vertical

* Uninterrupted

Direct view  
Zoom range 6.8x (15x*) - 68x
Working distance 56.5mm
Field of view at min. zoom 12mm (uninterrupted)
Field of view at max. zoom 2.5mm
Viewing angle -



  • 8-point LED ringlight with intensity control with in-built adjustable diffuser
  • 5-point LED transmitted (substage) illumination (option)

Power supply units

  • Standard power unit (EVP070) - Providing illumination control to either the ringlight or 360° rotating viewer.
  • Enhanced power unit (EVP080) - Providing illumination control to either the ringlight or 360° rotating viewer as well as the transmitted (substage) illuminator of the Ergo stand.


Ergo stand

  • A = 280 mm
  • B = 420 mm
  • C = 670 mm max.
  • D = 200 mm (less working distance)
  • E = 200 mm

Multi-axis stand

  • F = 455 mm (184 mm*)
  • G = 682 mm - 830 mm
  • H = 695 mm max.
  • I = 285 mm max. (less working distance)
  • J = 439 mm max.

* without platform base.



  • Smart Cam with software
  • 360° rotating viewer
  • Objectives
  • Transmitted (substage) illumination
  • Floating stage
  • Reticles
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Customer Questions
Can you wear glasses when using the Lynx EVO?

Rest assured, if you wear glasses you can use the Lynx EVO Inspection microscope comfortably. The head of this product is designed to accommodate both vision corrective eyewear and safety glasses, with no discomfort. Glasses do not hamper the experience in any way, and can be worn as normal (including safety goggles and glasses).

How does the Lynx EVO work?

The Lynx EVO employs patented Dynascope technology. This projects the stereo imaging not the users eyes. It negates the need for the traditional stereo microscope eyepieces, allowing the user to see clear, high contrasting imagery with unrivalled ergonomic...

Can I get measurements with the Lynx EVO?

Yes, in a similar way to your conventional stereo microscope. These are usually through the use of a graticule or a Smartcam accessory. Call us for more details.

Can I return to a specific magnification after zooming with the Lynx EVO?

With the Lynx EVO there is a detent, which allows the zoom range to be set at any point. This work similar to a click stop, causing the zoom to click into a set magnification before the user can scroll past in either direction. This ensures the user returns to the same place each time.

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