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What is JBC Tools Premium Line?

JBC Tools premium stations are complete modular kits suggested by JBC to satisfy all your soldering or desoldering needs.

They are designed for industrial and extensive use with the JBC exclusive heating system that increases work efficiency thanks to its fast temperature recovery.

The range includes different models, from micro work using Nano stations to the highest power requirements using the Heavy Duty station.



What is JBC Tools Modular Range?

JBC Tools modular range is a combination of stackable control modules to get your complete personalised set-up.

All you need to do is choose a control unit according to the number of tools you need. Every control unit is compatible with all JBC tools.

All the units incorporate JBC's exclusive heating system that increases work efficiency thanks to its quick temperature recovery.

For a basic working system, you need:


When I look at the JBC rework station RMSE, I see no tweezers in it. Can I connect them to it?

Yes, you can.
When you purchase a JBC RMSE rework station you will not get them though. You will have to purchase them separately and don’t forget the stand for them!

Are there any easy steps to desoldering using JBC hot air equipment?