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When I look at the JBC rework station RMSE, I see no tweezers in it. Can I connect them to it?

Yes, you can.
When you purchase a JBC RMSE rework station you will not get them though. You will have to purchase them separately and don’t forget the stand for them!

Are there any easy steps to desoldering using JBC hot air equipment?


What's a good repair process for QFP's?


Why is it possible to solder at lower temperatures using a JBC tool?

It is possible because the tip has an extremely fast thermal response.

On a conventional iron’s tip there is a strong drop in temperature while the tip is transferring the heat to the board. If the thermal response is slow, the tip does not have the time to recover the temperature, especially if a series of solder joint is performed. This is the reason why the operator is used to select a higher temperature, resulting in short tip life and PCB / component damage.