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Binder - MKT 720 Environmental test chamber for complex temperature profiles

Binder - MKT 720 Environmental test chamber for complex temperature profiles

Product Information:

Environmental simulation chamber for complex temperature profiles.

Temperature ranges between -70 °C and 180 °C, with the advantage of natural simulation make an MKT series environmental simulation chamber from BINDER unique. This environmental simulation chamber meets the highest precision and performance demands for cyclical temperature testing.

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  • Electronically controlled APT.line™ preheating chamber assuring temperature accuracy and reproducible results 
  • Temperature range -70 °C to 180 °C 
  • MCS controller with 25 storable programs of 100 sections each for a maximum of 500 program segments 
  • User-friendly LCD color screen 
  • Easy-to-read menu guide 
  • Integrated electronic chart recorder 
  • Variety of options for the graphic display of process parameters 
  • Real-time clock 
  • Heated viewing window with interior lighting 
  • Programmable condensation protection for test material 
  • 230 V power socket on the right-side operating panel 
  • Adjustable ramp function via program editor 
  • Access port Ø 80 mm, left and right side 
  • Independent adjustable temperature safety device Class 2 (DIN 12880) with visual and audible temperature alarm 
  • 4 potential-free relay outputs that can be activated via MCS controller 
  • Ethernet interface for communication software APT-COM™ DataControlSystem 
  • BINDER Communication software APT-COM™ 3 Basic Edition 
  • Stainless steel rack 
  • 4 casters with 2 brakes 
  • BINDER test confirmation
  • Access ports with silicone plug 30, 50, 80, 100, 125 mm 
  • Securing elements for additional fastening of racks (1 set of 4) 
  • Door lock 
  • RS 422 interface 
  • Keyboard lock 
  • Analog output for temperature 4 - 20 mA on two 6-pin DIN sockets for actual and set values (output not adjustable) 
  • Temperature safety device for preventing too low and high temperature, class 2 
  • Data Logger Kit T 220: For continuous temperature recording of -90 °C to 220 °C. Kit includes 1 data logger, PT 100 sensor with 2 m Teflon extension cable and 1 fixture for mounting to the BINDER unit 
  • Data Logger Software: Configuration and evaluation software for all BINDER Data Logger Kits, incl. data cable 
  • Data Logger converter cable (RS 232 to USB 2.0) 
  • Additional measuring channel for digital display of specimen temperature with flexible PT 100 temperature sensor, measured data recorded via unit interface
  • Temperature measurement acc. to DIN 12880 (27 measuring points) at 150 °C or at specified temperature with measuring protocol and certificate 
  • Calibration certificate. Measurement in center of chamber at 150 °C or at specified testing temperature 
  • Extension to calibration certificate. Each additional measurement at additional measuring point or testing temperature 
  • Rack, stainless steel 
  • Reinforced rack, stainless steel, with 1 set of fasteners (4 pieces), max. load 70 kg 
  • Shelf, perforated, stainless steel 
MKT 720

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Environmental simulation chamber for complex temperature profiles

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