HIOS BLG-5000X-15 Electric Screwdriver | 0.3-1Nm

HIOS BLG-5000X-15 Electric Screwdriver | 0.3-1Nm


This electric torque screwdriver has become the new industry benchmark for applications requiring a torque driver. The BLG has all the performance, quality and durability of the BL series, along with increased maintenance efficiency. 

The Hios BLG-5000-15 is a two way (Push/Lever) start type electric screwdriver with an output torque range of between 0.3-1.0 Nm.

This driver also uses an antistatic body case, aiding in preventing the generation of static electricity, ideal for assembling electronic parts or other precision based equipment.



Key Features Of The BLG-5000-15:

  • Push/Lever star
  • ESD safe as standard
  • Small, lightweight & ergonomic
  • Output torque range: Nm 0.3-1 Nm
  • Hi-speed rotation
  • Brushless Screwdriver
  • Unloaded Rotation Speed (rpm) - 1000-1500
  • Tourque Setting Stepless
  • 1/4" Hex Bit



Suction (Vacuum) attachments are available for this unit, including:

(A) Mouthpiece model F3-Standard 18mm
(B) Bit length H4 40mm
H4 60mm
(C) Suction attachment model BLQ5-SET



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More Information
General Specifications
Start Two-Way (Push/Lever) Start Type
Output Torque Range 0.3-1.0 Nm
  2.6-10 lb.in
  3-10 kg.cm
Torque Switching Stepless Adjustment
Unloaded Rotation Speed(r.p.m) 1000-1500
Screw Size(mm) 2.3-3mm
  2-2.6 Tapping
Bit (selectable)※ H4 Hios Shank
  H5 or 5HEX Shank
Power Supply T-45BL
External Dimensions(mm) 32-38mm Grip
  235mm Length

+♯0 (∅4.0×40mm) H4
+♯2 (∅4.0×40mm) H4


+♯1 (∅5.0×60mm) H5
+♯2 (∅5.0×60mm) H5


+♯1 (5.0×50mm) 1/4" HEX
+♯2 (5.0×50mm) 1/4" HEX
- (5.0×50mm) 1/4" HEX

  Cord Length 1.5m (5p)
  Width Cross Flats : 5mm, 1pc
Torque Range Table BLG5000-15 Torque Range Table
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HIOS BLG-5000X-15 Electric Screwdriver | 0.3-1Nm

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HIOS BLG-5000-15 Electric Screwdriver | 0.3-1Nm

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