Quick Ionising Gun - Air Adjustable

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Quick Ionising Gun - Air Adjustable

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Product information:

  • Air gun only controller required
  • Air volume adjustable


1. Compact design, easy operation.
2. Neutralize static charges rapidly, removing fine sensitive components and materials easier. 
3. Build-in regulator of remnant voltage, adjusting ion balance quickly and effectively.
4. Two ionizing air guns can be connected to QUICK446 high-voltage power supply at the same time.
5. Purchase separately.

General Specifications

Air Pressure Distance 15cm 30cm 45cm 60cm
0.2Mpa Decay time(S) 0.9s 1.0s 1.3s 1.4s 1.7s 2.1s 2.1s 2.9s
Ion balance(V) -1V +5V +6V 0V
0.4Mpa Decay time(S) 0.8s 1.0s 1.0s, 1.3s 1.3s 2.0s 1.9s 2.5s
Ion balance(V) 0V +1V +1V 0V
0.6Mpa Decay time(S) 0.8s 0.9s 1.0s 1.4s 1.4s 1.8s 1.5s 2.7s
Ion balance(V) -2V -4V +6V -14V


Frequency of QUICK446 50Hz/60Hz
Secondary Output Voltage AC 4.0KV
Power consumption 20W
Dimensions 165(L)*103(W)*115(H)mm
Weight 3.8Kg

Note: 1. Ambient conditions: About 0-50℃, 60-70% RH.
2. Life expectancy: About 10000 hours (based on 8h/d, 250d/y, around 5 years).

Time for Static Neutralizing

Pressure Air flow Decay time Noise
0.2Mpa 0.06m3 /min 1.2s ≤71dB
0.4Mpa 0.12 m3 /min 0.6s ≤88dB
0.6Mpa 0.18 m3 /min 0.4s ≤95dB
0.7Mpa 0.20 m3 /min 0.3s ≤98dB

Note: Testing distance: 15cm from the outlet of the air gun.

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